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English Finders is the best source of learning the English language.

Azizul Hakim - Founder & CEO

Story of Founding English Finders

When I was a secondary and higher secondary student, I noticed most of the students were not good enough at English, including myself. In fact, many of them have been failed to pass this particular subject every year, and it’s because of the way their teachers taught them. However, after completing my graduation in English language and literature, I thought I should do something for the students of English & search for the best platform. Ultimately, I have founded English Finders to teach English & create lessons in unique and modern ways.

What Our Students Have to Say

"As a blogger language and grammar is sensitive part for me. I always try to learn English because it's not my mother language. This website helps me a lot. Articles on this platform are written in easy language. Anyone can understand the content of this website. Thanks to the authorities to make this high-quality platform for us".
Sakib Mahmud
From Dhaka, Bangladesh
"Many students of our country don't find proper guidelines whenever they try to learn English. This website helps them a lot to learn English easily and accurately. It provides them extraordinary lessons so that they can learn English in different ways. Best wishes for this website".
Maksud Hassan
Dr. Maksud Hassan
From Rajshahi, Bangladesh

English Finders

English learning is essential for us because it’s an international language. But a considerable number of people worldwide can’t learn English due to the lack of guidelines. Hence, many people get frustrated and give up learning English. That’s why we take this little initiative by providing them with some guidelines regarding English language, literature, grammar, English learning blogs, and motivation. Our main goal is to provide some comprehensive guidelines for our viewers and audience to get some new ideas and adequately execute their wisdom. Furthermore, you will get regular content regarding English Language, grammar, literature, etc.

Our Aims

Students satisfaction is our first and foremost priority. We always try to create new and intelligible content to learn something from it. We work hard to give our readers something special that may help them get the best lessons and blogs on the English language & literature. We want to spread our knowledge and thoughts throughout all classes and make the English language easy to understand.

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Nowadays, social media is a solid platform to share the latest information and experiences. We want to take the advantage to reach our viewers by sharing our content, information, and many more. We are available on social media, including FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube, to meet our readers and spread our content. We regularly update our posts on social media to keep in touch with our readers.

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Suppose you have any query feel free to share them with us. We are committed to giving you feedback. Please stay connected with us to get something special from us. To get every update, you may subscribe to our newsletter. Not only that, but you can also join our English Finders community. For queries, please email us at [email protected]

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