Verbs Quiz in English

Verbs Quiz in English

The Verbs quiz tests your understanding of verbs and their various aspects. The quiz covers essential concepts and includes questions on verb definitions, action verbs, linking verbs, verb phrases, verb moods, tenses, and forms. It also addresses transitive and intransitive verbs, verb agreement, irregular verbs, and gerunds.

You can assess your knowledge of verb usage, conjugation, and grammatical nuances by choosing the correct answers from the options provided. This quiz effectively reinforces your grasp of verbs, whether in action, state, or connection within sentences.

Verbs Quiz in English

1. What is a verb?

2. Which of the following is an example of an action verb?

3. What does a linking verb do?

4. Choose the helping verb in the sentence: "She has finished her homework."

5. Identify the transitive verb in the sentence: "He ate the delicious cake."

6. Which type of verb shows an ongoing action without a definite end?

7. "They were singing in the choir." In this sentence, the verb phrase is:

8. What type of verb is "became" in the sentence: "She became a doctor."

9. Choose the correct verb form to complete the sentence: "I __________ to the store yesterday."

10. Which sentence uses the verb in the imperative mood?

11. What is the past participle of the verb "swim"?

12. In the sentence "The cat is on the roof," what is the verb?

13. Which sentence uses a verb in the subjunctive mood?

14. "She had been working all day before the storm hit." The tense of the underlined verb phrase is:

15. What is the base form of the verb "ran"?

16. Which type of verb expresses an action that is performed on the subject?

17. Choose the correct verb form to agree with the subject: "She and I __________ going to the party."

18. What is the gerund form of the verb "read"?

19. Which of the following is an irregular verb?

20. Identify the verb tense used in the sentence: "They will have finished the project by tomorrow."

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