Most Useful Phrasal Verbs with Meanings

20 Most Useful Phrasal Verbs with Meanings and Example Sentences

Phrasal verbs are important to focus on if you’re trying to improve your English. Phrasal verbs can signify something quite different from the original verb since they are made up of a verb and one or more particles (prepositions or adverbs). They are commonly used in both spoken and written English.

Therefore, it’s important to familiarize yourself with them in order to enhance your comprehension and communication skills. The 20 most common phrasal verbs, their definitions, and examples of how to employ them in speech will all be covered in this article. So let’s get started!

A List of 20 Phrasal Verbs with Meanings and Example Sentences

1. Look up

Meaning: To search for information

Example: Can you look up the definition of the word for me?

2. Take off

Meaning: To remove or leave a place quickly

Example: I need to take off my coat before entering the building.

3. Bring up

Meaning: To mention a topic or care for a child

Example: She brought up the idea of going on vacation together.

4. Come Across

Meaning: To act in a way that leads others to assume you possess a certain characteristic.

Example: You have come across before me and expressed your desire.

5. Run into

Meaning: To meet someone unexpectedly

Example: I ran into my old friend from college at the grocery store.

6. Put off

Meaning: To postpone or delay something

Example: Mr. Jamal decided to put off the meeting until next month.

7. Look after

Meaning: to take care of someone or something

Example: Can you look after my child while I’m on vacation?

8. Get along

Meaning: To have a good relationship with someone

Example: I’m really lucky to get along with you for a long time.

9. Give up

Meaning: To stop doing something or stop trying to achieve something

Example: After failing the exam twice, he gave up and decided to pursue a different career.

10. Hold on

Meaning: To wait or pause for a moment

Example: Can you hold on until I meet my friend?

11. Turn up

Meaning: To arrive or appear unexpectedly

Example: He turned up at the party without an invitation.

12. Go through

Meaning: To experience or undergo something difficult

Example: She went through a lot of pain during her recovery from surgery.

13. Look forward to

Meaning: To anticipate or feel excited about something in the future

Example: I’m looking forward to my vacation next month.

14. Bring about

Meaning: To cause something to happen

Example: The new policy brought about significant changes in the workplace.

15. Give In

Meaning: To surrender or yield to someone or something

Example: She finally gave in to her son’s request to buy him a new toy.

16. Break down

Meaning: To stop functioning or have an emotional collapse

Example: My car broke down on the way to work this morning.

17. Set up

Meaning: To establish or arrange something

Example: After years of working for someone else, she set up her own business

18. Pick up

Meaning: To collect or acquire something

Example: I need to pick up some groceries on the way home from work.

19. Run out of

Meaning: To have no more of something

Example: We ran out of milk, so I must go to the store.

20. Take on

Meaning: To undertake or assume a task or responsibility

Example: He decided to take on the challenge of running a marathon.

You have now learned 20 of the most common phrasal verbs in English, along with their meanings and examples of how to use them. Remember, phrasal verbs are an essential part of everyday English, and being able to use them correctly can greatly improve your communication skills.

By practicing these phrasal verbs in your conversations and writing, you will become more confident and fluent in the English language. Keep practicing, and don’t be afraid to try new phrases and expressions. Good luck on your language learning journey!

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