20 opposite of diverse with Meaning and Examples

20 opposite of diverse with Meaning and Examples

Meaning of Diverse

Very Different from one another or not of the same kind.

20 Opposite Words of Diverse

Let us see the 20 nearly opposite words or antonyms of the word ‘diverse’.

  1. Agnate
  2. Akin
  3. Alike
  4. Analogous
  5. Comparable
  6. Equal
  7. Equivalent
  8. Homogeneous
  9. Homologous
  10. Identical
  11. Indistinguishable
  12. Kin
  13. Kindred
  14. Like
  15. Parallel
  16. Related
  17. Same
  18. Selfsame
  19. Similar
  20. Uniform

Example Sentences of Diverse

  1. The country has a diverse culture.
  2. We respect your diverse opinion.
  3. Our football team is made up of diverse players.
  4. He plants diverse flowers in his garden.
  5. I have a diverse friend circle in my country.
  6. He loves diverse people throughout the world.
  7. They have agreed to follow a diverse business plan.
  8. She knew the diverse cooking recipes.
  9. Whenever I get a chance to eat diverse food, I grab it.
  10. Jonathan got an opportunity to see diverse animals in the zoo.
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