How to stop internet addiction?

How to stop internet addiction | 10 steps to stop internet addiction easily

How to stop internet addiction

In this lesson we will try to analyse how to stop internet addiction? Nowadays most probably a huge number of people all over the world addicted to the internet including children, the young generation and even the adult people. In some cases, the addiction level is vulnerable as well as horrible.

Especially the youth spend their whole day and night on the internet which really harmful to physical and mental health. Sometimes it causes mental disorder and physical sickness too.

We can follow some strategies to stop our internet addiction easily. So let us discuss those steps that ‘how to stop internet addiction’?

How to stop internet addiction?

10 steps to stop internet addiction

First of all, we need to detect the problem of why we are addicted to the internet? Some unexpected matters are responsible for this addiction. In some cases, we don’t find the problem properly. As a result, we severely addicted to the internet. So follow the below steps.

1. Convert your leisure time to study

Most of the time we do not utilize our leisure time correctly. When we do nothing, we make a plan to browse something on the internet. After entering on the internet we forget everything, even every incident surrounding ourselves. We need the proper use of our leisure time. When we don’t have any work to do we should concentrate on study Many of us bother to read books. For this reason, we are addicted to the internet.

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So utilize your leisure time to concentrate on studying. It helps you to stop entering the internet world.

2. Reform your schedule

Humans are the slave of their habits. I think it’s very difficult to change a bad habit if you continuously belong to this habit for a long time. But it can possible if you follow some tricks. Before reforming your schedule for the entire day making a plan that how to finish your valuable tasks? Then make your schedule to fulfil your good tasks on time. This is how you can forget to enter the internet.

3. Spend your time with family

Loneliness is one of the main reason to addict to the internet. There are a huge number of people especially young boys and girls like to stay alone. As a result, they are addicted to the internet.

So you need to spend your free time with your family. If you suffer from any mental distress you can share it with your parents or brothers and sisters. You will get a significant guideline from them. However, spend your with your family more and more. It helps you to forget about the internet world.

4. Hangout with friends

Hangout is a good solution to stop internet addiction. The time you spend with your computer or smartphone you can make a trip with your friends. I think it’s a good idea to stop internet addiction. If you will go for a hangout in a natural place you can save yourself from mental distress surely. So it’s a good idea to stop internet addiction.

5. Make a study routine

Do you have any study routine? If you don’t please make a study routine. You can make a routine for your curriculum or extra-curriculum such as storybooks, fiction, non-fiction, poetry, drama etc. So make a routine for every subject and set a time for them. I’m sure it helps you to stop internet addiction.

6. Physical exercise

Physical exercise is a good strategy to stop internet addiction. Nowadays we do not want to do physical exercise. As a result, we are addicted to the internet.

We should care for our physical health. When we spend our free time on the internet, we can go to the gym. I think it’s a good idea to stop internet addiction. It also helps us to sustain our physical fitness.

7. Limited use of social media

Unlimited use of different social media like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram twitter etc. are the main reason to addict to the internet. When we use social media, we forget the duration of how much time we spend on social media. So we need to use social media for a few time.

Further, we should follow some restrictions when we will use social media. This is how we can stop internet addiction and lead a safe life.

8. Stop unwanted notifications

We use different types of applications in our smartphone, computer or tap. For this reason, we are notified by them. This is why we are motivated by them to use the internet. So if we intend to stop internet addiction, we need to stop unwanted notifications from our devices. Follow this trick I’m sure you will be benefited from it.

9. Stop playing online games

Online games are one of the main sources to addict to the internet. Nowadays we are subconsciously addicted to online games. The young generation spends their whole day and night by playing online games. As a result, they are suffering from mental distress. If you want to stop internet addiction you need to stop playing online games.

10. Delete unwanted accounts

We use a lot of social and web account without any reason. For this reason, we spend our valuable time on the internet. We should delete the useless account. I think you understand what I’m exactly want to say. So you need to analyze what type of account useful or useless for you.

To sum up, it may say the internet is a very essential part of our life. We can get a huge benefit using the internet in the proper way. However, we should be aware of the negativity of the internet and reduce addiction to the internet. If you are able to follow the above steps, you will get the solution of ‘how to stop internet addiction easily.

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