The Nun's Priest's Tale Summary

The Nun’s Priest’s Tale by Geoffrey Chaucer Summary

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The Nun’s Priest’s Tale Summary

As we see The host requested all the pilgrimage to tell their stories. Suddenly he asked the Nun’s Priest to tell his story. The Nun’s Priest decided to dedicate a story about a cock and fox to his fellow pilgrims.

The Nun’s Priest started his story by describing a poor widow who has two daughters and several pet animals. She lived in a very small cottage with her daughters and animals. Among those animals, there was a cock named Chaunticleer and seven hens. Chaunticleer has several waves among them, Pertelote was the most charming and attractive. He looks pretty well and he crows more accurately than the marry organs which play in the church.

Chaunticleer’s Dream

Once, Chaunticleer sat beside his fellows and looked very tensed. Pertelote asked him what happened with himself? He uttered that a terrible beast came in his dream resembling a hound and tried to seize her body in order to kill him. The looks of the beast were between red and yellow and his tail and ears were tipped with black.

After hearing about the dream Pertelote addressed himself as a coward and told why he could be afraid of dreams. She uttered that dreams are usually produced by the cause of overeating and often by wind and the presence of excessive humour in one’s body. She quoted the ancient scholar Cato who claimed “Regards dreams of no importance”

Pertelote advised him to take some herbs as laxatives. But Chaunticleer refused to take her suggestions and countered her allegation by quoting many authorities to prove that there is a significance in his dream.

The Colfox Appeared

Suddenly Chaunticleer diverted his topic and said that he was so lucky to get Pertelote as a wife in his life. In the meantime, there was a cunning Colfox laying in the bed to take the opportunity of having Chaunticleer with him. Chaunticleer was in a very charming mood and started singing. Once he became aware of the fox and tried to escape from him. He wished to run away but the Colfox assured him ‘he wouldn’t do any harm. He appeared there only to hear the wonderful singing of Chaunticleer. Afterwards, the fox flattered him and said his voice is so beautiful as the angels of heaven. Suddenly, he asked him to sing a song for him.

Colfox’s Evil Intension

The intention of the fox is suspicious and Chaunticleer failed to understand that. He closed his eyes and dedicated a beautiful song for him. After a while, the fox caught him and bite his throat and carried him towards the wood. All of the wives of Chaunticleer began to shout to see this unexpected incident. The widow, her daughters, three dogs and some people also tried to chase the fox but failed.

Moral of the Story

Chaunticleer tried to find an idea to escape from the fix. After all, he found an idea and said the fox that he should take revenge the pursuers who insult him. The fox tried to do so and in the meantime, Chaunticleer flies out and settled on a tree. He wished to flatter him again but Chaunticleer learned the lesson. Chaunticleer said flattery will work no more for him.

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