05 online Tools To Optimize Your Writing Process

05 online Tools To Optimize Your Writing Process

It has been seen that many people are stepping into the field without getting knowledge of even the basics. This is the main reason why you might be experiencing a much failure ratio around you.

Content writing is one of the most acknowledged and chosen skills around the world. According to some stats, it has been seen that content writing will grow up to 16% by the end of 2022.

But the main problem is many people are getting failure in this field and think that it is just a waste of time. Keep in mind that there is not a single field or skill with which you can learn without a proper grip.

So, we have decided to tell you about the importance of optimization in your writing process. We will also discuss some tools that will help you accomplish this task and be a successful writer.

Why do we need to optimize blogs?

First of all, it is important to know why you need to optimize your blogs or other writing types. According to statistics, more than 7 million blogs are published daily on the internet on different platforms.

Then the question comes how to stand in the top positions or among other ranked blogs. This is where you will find optimization a rank-saving factor.

It is important to optimize your writing to let the search engine push your website rank. If you have not published fully optimized articles or blogs, you will never be able to get noticed by the search engine.

In turn, you will not get visible among other top-ranked websites. So, you can say that no one will be able to think about your presence in the online market.

Additionally, optimization will also help you to hold your rank and stand in the desired position. All in all, you must need to look for optimization in your content along with the quality of writing.

5 online tools to optimize your content 

When it comes to optimizing the writing, you must seek some tools. It is because you can’t fulfill all requirements as well as check all of them while proofreading your text.

According to some experts, Google analyzes 200 SEO factors to rank a website or a blog post. How can you imagine keeping all those factors in mind and optimizing your content?

So, you must have to get aid from some tools that can analyze your text and check it for optimization. Here we have wrapped out the list to only 5 tools that can help you out in this regard.

1.  Paraphraser

Whether you are just starting content writing or have experience in the field, you must have understood the importance of grammar correction. It might be right if we say that grammar issues can be hard to handle and make content optimized.

The reason is optimization does not mean writing well-researched content only. But it also means writing something that can engage people for a long. So, you must have to take care of grammar issues and get them cleared.

Paraphraser.io offers the best grammar checker based on an AI algorithm. The tool has been designed with a perfect interface and working manner. It can analyze your text to find grammar mistakes in every possible aspect.

You can easily make your content free from grammar issues with this tool. The only thing that you have to do is to insert the text and tap on the Check Grammar button.

It will take a few seconds to analyze your text and display all the issues that you can remove. The tool will underline all those words that can be replaced with suggested words. In turn, you will find it pretty simple to get your text cleared of grammar mistakes.

2. Prepostseo.com

One of the most important factors that let search engine decides on webpage writing is the uniqueness of content. Plagiarism is the main hurdle that restricts a blog from being ranked in the top positions.

So, you must have to take care of the uniqueness of your work to make your text optimized and easy to rank. It is only possible if you can get an eye on your work’s unique and duplicated patches.

Prepostseo offers a user-friendly plagiarism checker that can help you check your work’s uniqueness. It will enable you to check which part of your work is copied and which part is unique.

In turn, you can easily check what you have to change to make the entire text unique. Additionally, you will be able to get a link to all those sources from which your content has been found copied. So, it would be easy to access those web pages and check whether the text is the same as yours or has some changes.

3. Hemingway editor

When the matter belongs to the optimization of text, it is important to check at the end of writing. How can you check whether your content is readable and optimized or not? Hemingway editor is based on a specific algorithm with which you can get an idea about this factor.

This tool will analyze your text and highlight all lines in different colors. For every color, there is a specific meaning and suggestion to get the issue resolved. It will also show how much your content is likely to rank on Google.

In short, you can say that this tool can help you in making your content optimized without making much effort. You only have to insert the text in its box and check all the issues shown there.

In the end, you can get them resolved as recommended by the tool in the right bar of the screen.

4. Surfer SEO

Many writers think that optimization only means writing short sentences and using different terminologies at the beginning. No doubt, these are necessary, but optimization does not mean doing these actions only.

It covers many other sectors like keyword density, keyword placement, sentence structure, and others. This is where you will find Surfer SEO a good tool to utilize and make your content optimized.

The tool has been designed with a specific algorithm that can help you in this regard. It can check the optimization of your work within a few minutes. You only have to insert the primary keywords with secondary keywords to utilize in your text.

Surfer SEO optimization tool will check the overall text and let you know how many terms should be used. Similarly, it will also focus on other sectors of optimization and do let you know about the suggested actions to take.

5. Inlinks 

If you want to get an idea about insights into your content, it is important to utilize this tool. Inlinks has been designed with a specific algorithm that can deeply check your text and show the outcomes.

The tool has been designed by combining different tools to show the right outcomes. You seem to be working with a text editor because of its similar interface. Also, you can check the issues that the tool has found in the text in the left vertical bar.

In short, you can say that this tool will help you to format your text and make it optimized too. The entire process will take more than a few seconds if you have paid focus on this process.

Final Wrapped

With the above discussion, you must have learned the importance of optimization for your writing. Also, you must have an idea about the credibility of the tool with the above description. So, you can easily optimize your content to get it ranked in the top search engine positions.

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