How to improve writing skills in English?

How to Improve Writing Skills in English? | 10 Easy Steps

How to Improve Writing Skills in English?

Writing skills is one of the fundamental parts of the English language among other skills (reading, listening and speaking).  Nowadays many people searching for a solution that how to improve writing skills in English? Sometimes Many of us fail to improve our writing capability for the lacking of proper knowledge.

Now the question is, either we will find a solution or not as far as writing skills are concerned? I must say obviously we will get many ways to find an easy solution to improve writing skills in English. Today we’ll discuss some methods by which you may find the best ideas to improve your writing skills in English. So without wasting time let us discuss 10 easy steps to improve writing capability easily.

10 Easy Steps to Improve Writing Skills Easily

Follow these below 10 easy and important steps to improve your writing skills easily and accurately:

1. Emphasize Reading Skills

If you want to improve your writing capability, you should emphasize reading comprehensive articles or texts. Not only that you should improve your reading proficiency too. Whenever you read an article or text, you will find many new ideas about the topic.

However, you may execute those ideas in your writing as a supplementary.  You can follow individual writing pattern which makes you a good and unique writer. Let us see how to improve the capability of reading comprehensive texts:

  • Read newspapers and magazines.
  • Try to understand each article carefully.
  • Focus on the writing pattern of the writer.
  • Improve vocabulary proficiency.
  • Try to generate new ideas.

Try to read everything accurately before leaving. It helps you to understand the articles better and better. When you understand the articles properly, you will also write similar articles more accurately.

2. Reading Books

Do you love to read books? If the answer is negative, then please start reading books immediately. Without reading books you cannot improve writing skills properly. You should read books by different writers that help you to be a good writer too.

Further, you will get much knowledge when you read different types of books by different writers and you will get the key to being a unique writer. Let us see how to read books in proper ways:

  • Select a genre you interest for.
  • Make a proper routine.
  • Convert reading books as a habit.
  • Utilize your leisure to reading.
  • Choose some particular writers and try to resemble them.

3. Learn the Language Properly

Many people make the mistake that they want to be a good writer but they do not learn the language properly. When you want to be a writer of the second or English language you must have enough knowledge about the particular language.

We have to memorize the unknown vocabulary more and more. However, when you read an article you may note the unknown vocabulary and try to memorize those vocabulary. You will be a good writer for sure if you are able to acquire all the skills in English.

4. Try to Use Grammar Accurately

We have a tendency that we want to be a good writer but don’t want to know grammar accurately. If you improve your writing skills, you should learn grammar more accurately. Without knowing the grammar rules it may be difficult to improve writing skills. Let’s focus on basic English grammar. For example; sentence, parts of speech, the right form of verbs, article, tense etc.

Sometimes a little mistake changes the whole meaning of a sentence. For instance, if you wish to explain a sentence in the present tense but write past tense instead, then the meaning of the sentence will be changed for no doubted. Try to practice basic grammar rules with examples which may help you to write every sentence more accurately.

5. Utilize Your Leisure Time

Nowadays we waste our time without any reason. Smartphone addiction is one of the main reason to give up writing regularly. We do not want to utilize our leisure time properly. As a result, we can not improve our writing skills. Suppose sometimes you don’t have anything to do, then you may start writing something. It can be any topic or incident. Your main purpose is to improve your writing skills.

We may choose a topic and try to write some sentences in it when we don’t have anything to do. This is how we can utilize our leisure time and make ourselves a good writer.

6. Improve Speaking Skills

Practising your targeted language through spoken will help you to make yourself a good writer. Many people face the problem when they learn their targeted language only because of the lacking of spoken practice. A fluent speaker always gets a lot of ideas by speaking with different speakers. Let’s try to improve your speaking skills.

Find a friend or a partner for speaking practice. Sometimes when you get a chance to start a conversation with him. Here you get two benefits, one is you can improve your speaking skills and another is you can get many ideas from your friend. Later it will be very easy when you write something about the topic which you choose for a conversation with your friend.

7. Improve Your Vocabulary

It is very important for a writer to know more and more vocabulary. Many people face the same problem when they write something in English because they don’t know enough vocabulary in English. You can use a dictionary. A dictionary may help you to improve your vocabulary faster.

Let’s make a routine only for improving vocabulary skills. Try to memorize at least 5-10 vocabulary with synonyms and antonyms at a day. When you write something, try to put the right synonyms and antonyms to your sentences. Synonyms and antonyms will help you to improve your writing skills easily.

8. Focus on Your Spelling

Spelling plays a vital role to write a paragraph correctly. It is very important for a writer to spell accurately in a sentence. Wrong spelling can change the meaning of a word. For example; you intend to write night but subconsciously you write knight instead of night. The pronunciation of these words is very similar but totally different in meaning.

However, try to focus on your spelling whenever you wish to write something. You need to practice more and more. Otherwise, it will be very difficult to remember the exact spelling for every word. If you will able to write correct spelling you will be a good writer for no doubt and improve your writing skills easily as well.

9. Straight on the Topic

Sometimes we move forward from the exact topic to another irrelevant incident. This can decrease the readability of our writing. That’s why we need to be straight on the topic. Try to explain the selected topic elaborately with relevant information.

You can describe the topic in conversational ways. It will help you to connect with your audience more closely. For example; you may add examples of real-life situations in your writing.

10. Try to Use Simple Sentences

The purpose of your writing is to convey information to your readers right? But if your readers fail to understand your sentences; will it make any sense? Absolutely not. Your sentences should be simple and easy to understand.

You have to remember one thing that is you need to reach your audience. Further, you should make sure that they can understand every sentence.

Sometimes we are getting scared that whether we will be able to improve our writing skills or not. In some cases, we become frustrated and give up writing. Unfortunately, it happens because of the lacking of enough confidence and consistency.

We need more patience to improve our writing skills. However, these above 10 easy ways will help you to improve your writing skills in English easily and accurately. Just try to implement those steps in proper ways.

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