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How to Learn English Quickly? | 12 Best Methods

Many of us try to find the answer to how to learn English quickly and faster? Sometimes we think English is a very difficult language to learn. Especially those types of people who want to learn English as their second language. Sometimes they become frustrated and give up learning English.

Learning a second or foreign language is not an easy task but you can learn it easily if you spend some time and follow some best methods. Sometimes we can’t apply proper strategies. That’s why we are not skilled in English and failed to learn English accurately as well. However, we have to learn English with proper understanding. Otherwise, it will be very difficult to achieve all the existing skills in English.

Importance of English Learning

English is an international language no doubt about it. We all know the importance of English learning. Nowadays it’s very necessary to learn English for several purposes including education and globalization.

However, if you wish to trip abroad you have to speak in English especially in Europe and America. Furthermore, you also have to learn English to talk to your foreign friends and businessmen.

The twenty-first century is a period of globalization and technology. So we have to connect ourselves around the world. English learning can be played a significant role to connect with the globe. Let us analyze how to learn English quickly?

How to Learn English Quickly?

If you follow the given strategies you will be benefited from it and learn English easily. Follow the below best methods to learn English faster.

1.  Develop Your Reading Skills Proficiency

Reading skills is one of the best skills in the English language. To develop reading skills proficiency, you have to read comprehensive texts more and more. If you continuously emphasize reading you can generate lots of ideas to improve your English skills.

Now the question is how to improve my English reading skills? Well, you can improve your reading skills in various ways. Let’s see the below methods in brief:

  • Read English newspaper
  • Improve your vocabulary
  • Memorize synonyms and antonyms
  • Follow comprehensive online articles
  • Read more and carefully
  • Try to generate more new ideas
  • Keep patience

You can follow various kind of books. These books will help you to grow up your knowledge. You may choose popular English writers and follow their writings. Without developing reading skills you can’t learn English properly. So follow this step and learn English comfortably.

2. Communicative Language Teaching

Communicative language teaching is a learner-centred method that believes in learning to communicate through communication; this method encourages practice as a way of developing communicative skills.

  • Communicative language teaching focuses on the needs of learners, and attempts to define their needs;
  • It emphasizes the content of the activity, rather than on overt language learning;
  • This method is marked by a tendency to specify syllabuses in terms of meaning (motional or semantic syllabuses), or speech acts (functional syllabuses);
  • It shows encouragement and tolerance of language variation in the classroom, even to the extent of mixing mother tongue and target language use;
  • Promote the ideals of individual work;
  • Errors are considered a natural part of the process of language acquisition;
  • It advocates for a supportive environment, to encourage anxiety-free participation; a reduction or suspension of the teacher authoritarian role;
  • It argues for the presentation of the language items in contexts of typical use rather than in isolation.

So communicative language teaching is a good platform to develop English or second language skills easily. I think you will get a huge benefit if you properly follow this method.

3. Virtual English Classes

You can develop your English skills by attending virtual English classes. There are huge numbers of online courses available on the internet. They teach English in modern methods. You can participate there without any hesitation.

You may participate in virtual English classes to improve your English skills. Spend some time with them and follow their instructions. You can get different ideas which help you to improve your English skills badly.

4. English Grammar and Vocabulary

If you want to improve your English skills you need to follow basic English grammar and memorize lots of vocabulary. It will be difficult without knowing basic English grammar and vocabulary including phrasal verbs and idioms and phrases.

These both are the trump cards to develop English proficiency. Let’s follow basic grammar properly and memorize new vocabulary more and more. You can make a routine to memorize unknown vocabulary every day. Try to follow the routine and increase your vocabulary more and more.

The more you memorize English vocabulary the more you get a lot of ideas that help you to make a new sentence in English.

5. Use a Dictionary

Dictionary always helps a student to learn a second or targeted language quickly. Nowadays you can use a dictionary on your smartphone and computer through different types of applications. If you have a smartphone you can download a dictionary easily from the Google play store or apple apps store.

So it’s not a difficult task to use a dictionary. If you want to learn English you must have a dictionary. Follow a dictionary and try to memorize unknown words.

6. Try to Watch English Movies

English movies are a good source to develop English skills. You need to watch English movies. If you don’t have enough time you can watch at least one at a week.

The first time it will be difficult to understand the language of the native speakers. But don’t be frustrated. Try to see subtitles and understand the pronunciation passionately. Continuously follow this routine until you have a good knowledge of English.

I think you will be able to understand the language by watching English movies and improve your English skills.

7. Follow English Newspaper and Magazine

English newspaper and magazine is a good platform to improve English skills. If you don’t read English newspaper and magazine please try to concentrate on them.

If you are unable to translate the sentences to your mother tongue then follow a dictionary. You need to use this trick for more than one year if want to gain proper knowledge of English. You can follow the below English news channels:

  • BBC
  • CCN
  • Aljazeera
  • Fox News
  • VOA News
  • CGTN
  • DW News
  • Sky news
  • CNBC etc.

Try to follow those news channels regularly. You can able to know the world news and improve your English skills as well by following these English news channels. However, it can be one of the best ways to improve yourself in English. So follow this strategy I’m sure you will get a good result from it.

 8. Improve Your Writing Skills

If your writing skills are so poor you are totally unable to improve your English skills. Writing skills is another trump card to develop English skills.

You can develop your writing skills by following some methods. You need to practice free handwriting. Let choose a topic and describe it according to your own ways. Let’s see how to improve writing skills in English in brief:

  • Try to follow the easiest ways to explain everything
  • Make sure you write simple sentences
  • Focus on grammar structure
  • Let’s see you write on the topic you choose
  • Don’t explain complicatedly
  • Let’s see your spelling

If you can follow the above steps in writing skills. You will able to develop your writing skills and you will improve your English skills quickly.

9. Improve Your Listening Skills

Listening skills will also help you to learn English properly. You can improve your listening skills by following some methods. To know more about listening skills you can read this article. Let’s see how to improve your listening skills in English:

  • Listen, read and speak in English
  • Follow your English teacher what he speaks
  • Make a dictionary in  your brain
  • Sustain eye contact
  • Try to remember the words before you listen
  • Memorize the unknown vocabulary

You may listen to English music. It is another way to improve your English skills.  Further, you can join an English conversation with a group of people and listen to them. This is how you can able to understand the English language properly.

 10. Improve Your Speaking Skills

Speaking skills is another method to improve your English quickly. If you acquire speaking skills you can develop your English without any hindrance. So you need to practice every day. Let’s see how to improve your speaking skills:

  • Stay confident
  • A mistake doesn’t matter
  • Try to speak louder
  • Focus on fluency
  • Don’t follow grammar blindly
  • Make an English conversation
  • Let’s join the English debate
  • Make a group for conversation

However, you can practice it over the phone by joining in an English conversation with your friend. It is a good idea to develop your English skills. Don’t waste your time. Try to start it as soon as possible.

 11. Talk to Yourself

If you have no option to join in a conversation physically, you can talk to yourself. The first time it seems to be strange. But don’t lose your consistency. If you feel shy you can stand up in front of a mirror and talk to your shadow. I think you will become a fluent speaker in English if you follow the trick regularly.

12. Group Conversation

Group conversation is a good platform to improve your English skills. You can create a group with your friends. When you guys attend in a place you can start a group conversation. Choose a topic whatever you want and then start the conversation.

It helps you to improve both listening and speaking skills. Further, you will get many ideas from your friends to develop your skills.

Now it’s almost cleared that we need to learn English to compete ourselves globally. No one can attain all the skills overnight. You have to keep patience and follow those 12 best ways to develop your English skills.

Afterwards, try to understand quietly whatever you want to learn. And this is how you can be able to get the best ideas to learn English quickly and faster.

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