Imperative Sentence

Imperative Sentence | Definition, Structure and Examples

Imperative Sentence

Every day we use many Imperative Sentences subconsciously but many of us don’t know the definition of Imperative Sentence. Well, an imperative Sentence is a type of sentence that describes a command, request, forbiddance, advice, etc. Let us see some examples:

  • Wait for a while.
  • Come home with your friends.
  • Take love from my heart.
  • Please give me a glass of water.
  • Need your help urgently.

Note: In most cases, an Imperative Sentence starts with the main verb and the subject is to be ‘you’ and hidden.

Pattern: Verb+ Object

Examples of Imperative Sentence

Let us see some examples of Imperative Sentence in the below:

  • Call him here.
  • Kindly help the poor.
  • Have a wonderful journey.
  • Keep the place calm.
  • Don’t listen to the words of bad people.
  • know the story properly.
  • Accept his request as soon as possible.
  • Get him in.
  • Don’t agree with this matter.
  • Wake up early in the morning.
  • Take your breakfast timely.
  • Achieve the goal.
  • Set your future plan.
  • Don’t lose your hope.
  • Feel sorry for this misdeed.
  • Don’t forget the incident.
  • See you again.
  • Please bring some books for me.
  • Kindly show your papers.
  • Nice to meet you again.
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