20 Examples of Material Nouns

20 Useful Examples of Material Nouns

What is a Material Noun?

A material noun is a type of noun that describes the matter or substance of which things are made. For example, ‘the necklace is made of diamond‘ here, diamond is a material noun because we know diamond is a substance, and the necklace is made using the substance.

Note: No article is placed before a material noun but if the material noun is used in a specific sense then ‘the’ is placed before it. For example, the mineral water from the factory is pure. Here ‘water’ is used for a specific sense.

20 Examples of Material Nouns

Let’s have a look at the 20 useful examples of material nouns:

  1. My sister is happy to get the diamond ring.
  2. Water is a life-savior material for us.
  3. I bought a computer table, and it is made of wood.
  4. Liza achieved a silver medal for her wonderful performance.
  5. Coal is an essential element in producing electricity.
  6. You can choose a ring which is made of pure gold.
  7. Can you bring me a glass of milk?
  8. I’m more comfortable wearing cotton clothes.
  9. Bricks play a vital role in building heavy constructions.
  10. Without using iron, it’s impossible to make a heavy building.
  11. She prefers extra salt in her every curry.
  12. They’re producing different types of products using rubber.
  13. It’s really difficult for us to live without eating rice.
  14. Mutton is one of the favorite food of our community.
  15. You should buy two dozen eggs for this week.
  16. She has been cooking delicious foods using soybean oil.
  17. Yamin had been producing leather shoes for five years.
  18. I love drinking honey every morning.
  19. Coffee is a famous drink in the USA.
  20. It’s not bad to drink a cup of tea this evening.
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