Examples of Future Indefinite Tense

50 Examples of Future Indefinite Tense

In this lesson, we will discuss the 50 useful examples of the future indefinite tense or simple future tense. Future Indefinite Tense is used to talk about any future event.

It tells you about an action that will happen in the future. Future Indefinite Tense is most often used when referring to general truths, predictions, or assumptions about the future.

50 Useful Examples of Future Indefinite Tense

Let’s see the 50 most useful examples of the future indefinite tense in English grammar:

  1. You will like this lesson very much.
  2. He will be at the party.
  3. We will go to the conference next month.
  4. The teacher will have a meeting with us tomorrow.
  5. You will have your dinner at 7 o’clock tonight.
  6. My father will tell you a beautiful story.
  7. My children will be happy to see you tomorrow afternoon.
  8. We will meet you in the hotel’s lobby at 9:15 am this morning.
  9. The train will reach the station at 8 am.
  10. We will go to the museum tomorrow.
  11. They will be in the room next door.
  12. The baby will be two years old next week.
  13. I will get the tickets for you tomorrow.
  14. My parents will buy a house in California next year.
  15. Sophia will be here for Christmas this year.
  16. I will see you on Friday.
  17. She will get married in November this year.
  18. She will be here for the summer.
  19. I will be back soon.
  20. She will come to the party tonight.
  21. The train will leave at 11 pm.
  22. My friends will arrive at 10 am tomorrow.
  23. He will speak three different languages.
  24. My friend will arrive at 8:45 am tomorrow.
  25. I will visit my grandmother next week.
  26. She will be pleased to see you.
  27. You will be at the meeting next week.
  28. They will go to New York next month.
  29. My mother will cook dinner tonight.
  30. My teacher will help me with my homework.
  31. Will you be at home tonight?
  32. Will she be at work tomorrow?
  33. The students will be delighted to attend the program.
  34. We will have a picnic tomorrow.
  35. I will give you a call later.
  36. Will you do it right away?
  37. He will do it first thing in the morning.
  38. Will you not clean up the mess?
  39. The teacher will speak to the students tomorrow.
  40. The children will sleep in their room tonight.
  41. My brother will be at home this afternoon.
  42. Will you help me with my homework?
  43. They will be here a few moments later.
  44. My friends will come to my birthday party this evening.
  45. Will you visit Japan next year?
  46. Will you go to school by bus or by car today?
  47. My parents will be in Paris next week.
  48. I will not go to the meeting on Thursday.
  49. My friend will be here in a few days.
  50. We will go to the library tomorrow.
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