Optative Sentence

Optative Sentence | Definition, Structure, and Examples

Optative Sentence

Sometimes we need to wish and pray for someone or something. Optative Sentence helps us to do that. Now come to the definition of Optative Sentence.

A sentence that expresses a wish or prayer for someone or something is called an Optative Sentence. Let us see some examples:

  • May the poor boy become established.
  • May Almighty cure us from unknown diseases.
  • Wish you good luck.
  • May I support my family.
  • Wish him all the very best.

Note: An Optative Sentence starts with ‘may’ or ‘wish’

Structure: May/wish+ Subject+ Verb+ Object

20 Examples of Optative Sentences

Let us see 20 examples of Optative Sentences:

20 Examples of Optative Sentences
  • May you live long
  • May he buy a car.
  • May we lead a happy life.
  • May she stay here.
  • Wish him a brilliant result.
  • Wish you a successful business.
  • May he not come here.
  • May your sister accept my request.
  • May you pass the examination.
  • Wish you a happy conjugal life.
  • May you not be there.
  • May he get a good job.
  • May Mr. Kamal achieve his goal.
  • May they find their best friends.
  • May we live together for a long time.
  • Wish you the best life partner.
  • May he get good revenue from his business.
  • May she cook delicious food.
  • May you admit into the university.
  • May we study properly for a better future.
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