Future Indefinite Tense

Future Indefinite Tense | Definition, Structure, and Examples

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Future Indefinite Tense

We need to use Future Indefinite Tense in order to indicate any future action. The definition of Future Indefinite Tense is easy and simple.

Future Indefinite Tense describes an action that will be occurred in the future. Let us see some examples of Future Indefinite Tense to get a clear conception about it:

  • I will meet you very soon.
  • He will happy to see you.
  • She will be a good mother.
  • They will cancel the trip.
  • Kamal will gift you a bike.

All of the sentences indicate future actions.

Let us see the different forms of Future Indefinite Tense:

AffirmativeInterrogativeNegativeNegative Interrogative
I will play badminton.Will I play badminton?I will not play badminton.Will I not play badminton?
He will catch a fish.Will he catch a fish?He will not catch a fish.Will he not catch a fish?
She will accept your request tomorrow.Will she accept your request tomorrow?She will not accept your request tomorrow.Will she not accept your request tomorrow?
Jane will go for a trip.Will Jane go for a trip?Jane will not go for a trip.Will Jane not go for a trip?
Rudro will face this challenge.Will Rudro face this challenge?Rudro will not face this challenge.Will Rudro not face this challenge?

Structure: Subject+will+Verb(base form)+Object

Examples of Future Indefinite Tense

Let us see some examples of Future Indefinite Tense:

  • I will run a successful business.
  • Jenya will look forward to seeing you.
  • We will reach the station on time.
  • They will catch the opportunity.
  • He will make money one day.
  • She will take the responsibility for your family.
  • Kane will make you happy.
  • You will prepare for your examination.
  • Jane will be happy to see you next month.
  • I will not forget you.
  • Will you buy a book for me?
  • Palak will come from the USA.
  • This suggestion will be relevant for you.
  • Will you not accept the challenge?
  • Will they follow the restriction?
  • I will not rebuke you.
  • Collin will follow your path.
  • We will take the chance.
  • She will buy the internet pack for you.
  • He will give you a surprise.
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