Opposite of Superior

20 Opposite of Superior with Meaning and Examples

Meaning Of Superior

Higher in status, rank, quality, degree, importance, etc., or better than average.

20 Opposite Words of Superior

Let’s see the 20 nearly opposite words or antonyms of the word ‘Superior’.

  1. Amateur
  2. Anonymous
  3. Average
  4. Awful
  5. Bad
  6. Bashful
  7. Boring
  8. Common
  9. Descendent
  10. Differential
  11. Dull
  12. Humble
  13. Inferior
  14. Insignificant
  15. Low
  16. Low-class
  17. Minor
  18. Modest
  19. Obscure
  20. Overlooked

10 Example Sentences of Superior

Let’s see the 10 example sentences of the word ‘superior’.

  1. She got a superior degree from the university.
  2. Austen is well-recognized for her superior initiative.
  3. They have shown enough patience to get the superior prize.
  4. If you work hard, you’ll get a superior result from your school.
  5. I have a dream that one day I’ll get a superior job.
  6. This renowned business makes him superior.
  7. We can expect a superior celebration from the program.
  8. He knows he will fail to admit to a superior university without improving his English skills.
  9. Jony is learning programming languages to get a superior job.
  10. Everyone loves him for his superior integrity.
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