Abstract nouns list

A Significant List of 100 Abstract Nouns with Other Forms

Abstract Nouns

Today, we will mention the top 100 Abstract Nouns list with their other forms (verbsadjectives, and adverbs) and examples. Sometimes we mistake changing the form of a noun for different formats. Further, we become confused about identifying a part of speech correctly. However, now let us know the definition of an Abstract Noun.

Many of us know the definition of an Abstract Noun, and it’s effortless and straightforward. A noun that describes an idea, concept, or quality and that can’t be seen or touched physically is called an Abstract Noun. However, you can follow this article where we discussed each noun elaborately.

100 Abstract Nouns List with Forms

Now let us move on the top 100 Abstract Nouns list with their other forms (verbs, adjectives, and adverbs)

AcceptanceAcceptAcceptable AcceptablyI’m waiting for your acceptance.
Action Act Active ActivelyWe follow your current action.
AdditionAddAdditionalAdditionallyThis is the new addition.
AdmirationAdmire Admirable AdmirablyI admire your inner beauty.
Adventure AdventureAdventurousAdventurouslyWe’re going on a new adventure.
AdviceAdvise Advisable AdvisablyThe patient waits for the doctor’s advice.
AgreementAgree Agreeable AgreeablyIt’s an exceptional agreement.
Allowance Allow Allowable AllowablyYou don’t have allowance to the place.
Anger Anger Angry AngrilyTry to check your anger.
Appreciation Appreciate Appreciable AppreciablyHe appreciates your success.
AttentionAttendAttentive AttentivelyShe seeks our attention.
Attraction Attract Attractive AttractivelyYou’re looking so attractive.
Base BaseBasic BasicallyImprove your basic knowledge.
BeautyBeautifyBeautiful BeautifullyIt’s a beautiful scenario.
BeliefBelieve Believable BelievablyDo you believe me?
BookBookBookish BookishlyHe booked a room for me.
CareCareCareful CarefullyShe cares for her child.
Centre Centralize Central CentrallyIt was your exam center.
CharacterCharacterizeCharacteristicCharacteristicallyIt’s time to show your character.
Class Classify Classified ClassicallyTake your class correctly.
CleannessClean Clean CleanlyThis is a clean washroom.
Color Colour Colorful ColorfullyChoose a color for her.
Comfort Comfort Comfortable ComfortablyBe seated in a comfort zone.
CommerceCommercializeCommercial CommerciallyHe is commercially prosperous.
Conclusion Conclude Conclusive ConclusivelyLet us conclude the story.
Confidence Confide Confident ConfidentlyDo you have any c confidence?
ConsiderationConsiderConsiderable ConsiderablyI’ll consider it.
Construction Construct Constructive ConstructivelyWe accept only constructive criticism.
ContinuityContinue Continuous ContinuouslyContinue your job.
CourageEncourageCourageousCourageouslyI have encouraged you.
CriticCriticizeCriticalCriticallyThey are criticized for it.
DangerEndangerDangerous DangerouslyHis career is in danger.
Debate Debate Debatable DebatablyDon’t debate about the topic.
DeceptionDeceive Deceptive DeceptivelyHis trap deceives him.
DecisionDecideDecisive DecisivelyTake your decision fast.
DefinitionDefine Definite DefinitelySee the definition of the word.
DescriptionDescribe Descriptive DescriptivelyDescribe the story with us.
DestructionDestroy Destructive DestructivelyDon’t destroy your happiness.
DifferenceDiffer Different DifferentlyMake a difference between them.
EducationEducate Educational EducationallyEducation is the backbone of any society.
ElectionElect Elective ElectivelyWe elect him.
Energy Energize Energetic EnergeticallyI have enough energy.
Favor FavorFavorable FavorablyThis match is in our favor.
Fear Fear Fearful FearfullyI have a fear of entering the room.
Facility Facilitate Facilitating FacilitatingDid you get any facilities?
FoolBefoolFoolish FoolishlyI think you’re not a fool.
Force Force Forceful ForcefullyYou can’t force her.
GenerationGenerate Generative GenerativelyIt’s our new generation.
Government GovernGovernmental GovernmentallyHe was a government official.
GradationGradeGradual GraduallyIs it time to increase your gradation?
GuidanceGuide Guided GuidedMy sister guides me.
HesitationHesitate Hesitant HesitantlyDo we have any hesitation?
Hope Hope Hopeful HopefullyI hope you’ll do a good job.
Help Help Helpful HelpfullyShe is helpful enough.
IgnoranceIgnore Ignorant IgnorantlyLiteracy prevails over ignorance.
ImitationImitate Imitative ImitativelyDon’t imitate your enemy.
InclusionInclude Inclusive InclusivelyYou can include her name.
InformationInform Informative InformativelyFind the correct information.
InsistenceInsist Insistent InsistentlyHe insisted on him doing this.
InstructionInstruct Instructive InstructiveI’ll follow your instruction.
InventionInvent Inventive InventivelyIt’s our new invention.
Joint Join Joint JointlyShe’ll join you shortly.
JoyEnjoyJoyful/joyousJoyfully/joyouslyEnjoy your party.
KnowledgeKnowKnowledgeable KnowledgeablyHe is a knowledgeable person.
Laughter Laugh Laughable LaughablyDon’t laugh at him.
Matter Materialize Material MateriallyThis is a simple matter.
Measure Measure Measurable MeasurablyYou can’t measure the fact.
MemoryMemorize Memorable MemorablyI’ll never forget my childhood memory.
Mind Mind Mindful MindfullyDid you mind seeing the incident?
Nature Naturalize Natural Naturally Nature never bothers us.
Need Need Needful NeedfullyI need you urgently.
NegligenceNeglect Negligible NegligiblyDon’t neglect him.
ObedienceObey Obedient ObedientlyWe’re happy to see your obedience.
ObligationOblige Obligatory ObligatorilyYou have to follow the obligation.
ObservationObserve Observational Observationally Observe the investigation.
OccupationOccupy Occupational OccupationallyMention your Occupation.
Offense Offend Offensive OffensivelyThis action has made you offensive.
OperationOperate Operational OperationallyWe’ll move on to a new operation.
OppositionOppose Opposite OppositelyI knew who is my opposition.
OrganizationOrganize Organized OrganizedPlease acknowledge your organization.
PassagePassPassed/Passable PassablyHe passed the road.
PermissionPermit Permissible PermissiblyShe needs your permission.
PersuasionPersuadePersuadable PersuadablyTry to persuade him to the right path.
PleasurePlease Pleasurable PleasurablyIt’s my pleasure to see you.
PollutionPollute Pollutant PollutantlyStop air pollution and save the environment.
PreferencePrefer Preferable PreferablyYou’ll get the 1st preference.
PreventionPrevent Preventive Preventively Prevention is better than involving controversy.
ProductionProduce Productive ProductivelyWe’re trying to increase our production.
ReductionReduce Reducible ReduciblyReduce the production cost.
Reference Refer Referable ReferablyPut some References in your research.
ReflectionReflect Reflective ReflectivelyI have seen the reflection of the light.
RelianceRely Reliant ReliantlyI’m relying on my family.
SatisfactionSatisfy Satisfactory SatisfactorilyHe got the satisfaction.
SelectionSelect Selective Selectively Select a color for me.
SuccessSucceedSuccessful SuccessfullyI have done the job successfully.
ToleranceTolerateTolerable TolerablyHe can’t tolerate the suffering.
TrustTrust Trustful TrustfullyWe trust our mentors.
ValuationValueValuable ValuablyThis product has no value right now.
VerificationVerifyVerifiable VerifiablyI’m waiting for the verification process.
WisdomWisenWise WiselyEveryone praises his wisdom.
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