Abstract nouns list

50 Most Useful Abstract Nouns List with Meanings and Examples

Today, we will unveil the 50 most useful abstract nouns list with their meanings and examples. As we know, nouns are of different types, and the abstract noun is one of them. Let us see the definition of an abstract noun.

What is an Abstract Noun?

An abstract noun is a type of noun with no physical existence. In other words, we can say an abstract noun describes the name of a concept, idea, object, state of being, feeling, trait, etc.

This noun cannot be experienced in the five senses; it cannot be seen or touched. Let us see some examples to get a clear conception of abstract nouns.

Abstract nouns are marked in bold for easy identification:

  • I praise your inner beauty.
  • We all neighbors live here with peace.
  • He committed to keeping their friendship forever.
  • We should raise our voices against slavery.
  • Jessica has enough affection for her child.

Abstract Nouns List with Meanings and Examples

Let us see the 50 most useful abstract nouns list with their meanings and examples:

Abstract nouns list
Abstract Nouns listSynonymsAntonymsExamples
AbilitySkill, Proficiency, CapabilityInability, Disability, IncompetenceI can complete the task.
AdvantageBenefit, Convenience, PrecedenceDisadvantage, Inconvenience, TroubleIt’s time to take advantage of the business.
AffectionFondness, Love, EmotionDisfavor, Enmity, DisgustWould you please show your affection towards your parents?
AnxietyConcern, Worry, AweAssurance, Boldness, ConfidenceHe feels anxiety about his failure.
AwarenessAcquaintance, Cognition, ConversanceUnaware, Incognizance, IgnoranceWould you please spread awareness regarding pandemics?
BeautyCharm, Blossom, EleganceUgliness, Disfavor, AbominationI love your inner beauty.
BeliefFaith, Trust, ConfidenceUnbelief, Mistrust, InfidelityI have enough belief in your words.
BraveryCourage, Fearlessness, ValourCowardice, Fear, TimidnessIt’s essential to keep bravery in yourself.
CalmnessPatience, Bearing, PeaceAgitation, Anxiety, StimulationHe loves this place for calmness.
CareAttention, Endeavor, GuardianshipNeglect, Disregard, ContemptPlease take care of your children.
ChildhoodInfancy, Babyhood, MorningAdulthood, Age, RipenessI miss my childhood always.
ConfusionBewilderment, Mess, ChaosUnderstanding, Compassionate, ResponsiveIt’s high time to remove your confusion.
DedicationEstablishment, Inscription, DevotionApathy, Disloyalty, UnfaithfulnessI will never forget your dedication.
DisappointmentDespair, Desperation, PessimismSatisfaction, Amusement, GratificationYou need to kick out all your disappointment.
DisturbanceChaos, Disorder, ConfusionAssurance, Tranquility, CalmnessTry to avoid this disturbing place.
EducationLesson, Instruction, PedagogyIgnorance, Barbarism, SillinessProper education can take a country forward.
EnmityHostility, Phobia, AllergyFriendship, Goodwill, AllianceStop enmity between you and your friend.
EnvyGrudge, Malice, AversionGenerosity, Nobility, KindnessRemove your envy towards your neighbors.
FailureDefeat, Elimination, DeductionSuccess, Attainment, TriumphI hope they will learn something from the failure.
FragilityFrailty, tenderness, TranscienceStrength, Solidity, BrawnThis company moves forward after relieving from fragility.
FreedomIndependence, Liberty, EmancipationRestriction, Conformity, RestraintShe has been living with her freedom.
GainProfit, Benefit, AvailLoss, Fall, DecreaseIt’s gain for him after investing in his business.
GenerosityGreatness, Nobility, KindnessStinginess, Generality, MeannessAll praise his generosity.
GoalDestination, Objective, IntensionAimlessness, Avoidance, NegligenceSet your goal before forwarding the next step.
HappinessBliss, Comfort, ComplacencySadness, Unhappiness, BoredomI love to imagine a world of happiness.
HonestySincerity, Cordiality, RighteousnessDishonesty, Badness, FalsehoodHonesty is a good virtue.
InfancyChildhood, Babyhood, CradleAdulthood, Youth, OutcomeTake care of her in the period of infancy.
IntelligenceTalent, Knowledge, ConsciousnessStupidity, Foolishness, BlindnessUtilize the intelligence to get a better innovation.
JusticeFair Play, Equity, RightInjustice, Inequity, MisjudgmentShe expects appropriate justice for the crime.
KindnessGrace, Goodness, CompassionUnkindness, Brutality, SeverityHe was so popular for his kindness.
LonelinessSolitude, Aloneness, SinglenessCompanionship, Fellowship, Friendship
Try to avoid your loneliness.
LoveAffection, Amour, FancyHatred, Enmity, PhobiaHe shows his love for his wife.
LuxuryGlamour, Comfort, EaseAusterity, Poverty, ImpoverishmentShe is staying in a luxury hotel.
MarriageWedding, Matrimony, BridalDivorce, Separation, AbandonmentSelina has decided on marriage.
MercySympathy, Lenity, RuthMercilessness, Cruelty, AtrocityAnila expects mercy from you.
NecessityNeed, Requirement, EssentialityAmenity, Comfort, LuxuryLet me know what your necessity is right now.
PassionEmotion, Feeling, ImpetusIndifference, Apathy, ColdnessI have a passion for being a social worker.
PatienceEndurance, Moderation, ComposureImpatience, Anxiety, EagernessShow some patience before doing the task.
PovertyPenurity, Poorness, BeggingWealth, Possession, SubstanceWe should fight against poverty.
RealityTruth, Fact, RightUnreality, Impracticality, VainnessSometimes we have to accept certain realities.
RumourThe report, Whisper, BruitFact, Reality, VerifyWe should keep ourselves away from rumors.
SatisfactionAmusement, Pleasure, GratificationDissatisfaction, Displeasure, DiscontentShe sleeps for two hours.
SleepSlumber, Rest, FlopConsciousness, Wakefulness, ActionHe is trying to achieve success in his life.
SuccessAttainment, Prosperity, PrevalenceFailure, Defeat, CollapseHe is trying to get success in his life.
ToleranceFortitude, Sufferance, AbidanceIntolerance, Anger, UnforgivingnessTolerance is an essential element for bringing peace.
TrustFaith, Belief, RelianceDistrust, Unbelief, JealousyMutual trust is the trump card for a better relationship.
UnemploymentIdleness, Inaction, LassitudeEmployment, Job, ServiceUnemployment is a curse for an educated person.
VictorySuccess, Conquest, TriumphDefeat, Loss, ReverseIt’s a victory for us against corruption.
WisdomKnowledge, Sense, SagacityIgnorance, Folly, SillinessHe is famous for his wisdom.
WorryThought, Thinking, DisquietAssurance, Calmness, ConfidenceYou don’t need to worry about it.
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