Regular verbs list

150 Most Useful Regular Verbs List with V2, V3, and Examples

Regular Verbs

The English language has a lot of regular or weak verbs. Today, we will address the 150 most common and valuable regular verbs listed in English. Before mentioning those verbs, we must know how to identify regular English verbs.

Usually, regular verbs form their past tense and past participle by adding -ed, -d, or -t to the present without changing any vowels inside.

Most of the verbs add -ed at the end to form past and past participles. Let us see some examples in the below table:

PresentPastPast Participle

If the verb ends with the vowel ‘e’ then only -d will be added to form past and past participles. Let us see some examples in the below table:

PresentPastPast Participle

If the verb ends with the vowel ‘y’, then ‘i’ will be placed instead of ‘y’, and -ed/d will be added to form past and past participles. Let us see some examples in the below table:

PresentPastPast Participle

150 Most Common Regular Verbs List with Examples

Now let us see the 150 most common and valuable Regular Verbs List with past, past participle, and Examples:

PresentPastPast ParticipleExamples
AcceptAcceptedAcceptedPlease accept my request.
AddAddedAddedIt’s time to add another skill.
AdmireAdmiredAdmiredI Admire your success.
AdviseAdvisedAdvisedHe Advises you on your next step.
AppearAppearedAppearedSuddenly he appeared in our house.
ApproveApprovedApprovedOur principal approved this program.
ArgueArguedArguedDon’t argue with him.
ArrangeArrangedArrangedThey’re arranging a picnic.
ArriveArrivedArrivedHe arrived at the airport on time.
AttachAttachedAttachedAttach your photo to the CV.
AttendAttendedAttendedAttend the class on time.
AttractAttractedAttractedHe is trying to attract some foreign buyers.
AvoidAvoidedAvoidedDon’t avoid your parents.
BalanceBalancedBalancedBalance your diet.
BanBannedBannedHe is banned from the game.
BegBeggedBeggedHe will challenge you to the competition.
BehaveBehavedBehavedThe way you behave to me is fantastic.
BelongBelongedBelongedI belong to a low-income family.
BlessBlessedBlessedMay almighty bless you.
BoilBoiledBoiledBoil the egg on time.
BorrowBorrowedBorrowedHe borrowed some money from his friend.
BrushBrushedBrushedBrush your teeth properly.
BurnBurnedBurnedThe building is burning.
CallCalledCalledPlease call me before the class.
CareCaredCaredWe should care for our children.
CarryCarriedCarriedCarry the book in your bag.
ChallengeChallengedChallengedHe claims ownership of the house.
ChangeChangedChangedThey have changed their terms and conditions.
CheatCheatedCheatedYou cheat me.
CheckCheckedCheckedPlease check your question paper.
ClaimClaimedClaimedI failed to communicate with you.
CleanCleanedCleanedTry to clean your home every day.
ClearClearedClearedHe didn’t clear the actual incident.
CloseClosedClosedClose the window.
CollectCollectedCollectedHe is collecting information for a documentary.
CommunicateCommunicatedCommunicatedYou have to compete globally.
CompareComparedComparedDon’t compare me with him.
CompeteCompetedCompetedHe failed to connect to the internet connection.
ConcentrateConcentratedConcentratedPlease concentrate on your study.
ConcernConcernedConcernedHe is concerned about his final result.
ConfessConfessedConfessedIt’s time to confess the actual story.
ConfuseConfusedConfusedDon’t be confused while solving math.
ConnectConnectedConnectedYou’ve been delaying for a long time.
ConsistConsistedConsistedThis bike consists of advanced technology.
ContinueContinuedContinuedWe have to continue our homework.
CorrectCorrectedCorrectedDon’t forget to correct yourself.
DamageDamagedDamagedIt should not be worth damaging the construction.
DeceiveDeceivedDeceivedThe robber deceived the police.
DecideDecidedDecidedHe decides not to go there.
DelayDelayedDelayedPlease enter the classroom.
DelightDelightedDelightedI’m delighted to see your success.
DependDependedDependedI depend on my brother.
DescribeDescribedDescribedDescribe the story in brief.
DeserveDeservedDeservedYou deserve a better life partner.
DestroyDestroyedDestroyedDon’t destroy your life.
DevelopDevelopedDevelopedYou need to develop your fluency.
DivideDividedDividedDivide the property between the two brothers.
DiscussDiscussedDiscussedLet us discuss the current issue.
EarnEarnedEarnedHe earns according to his expectation.
EducateEducatedEducatedEducate yourself to build a better nation.
EmployEmployedEmployedMr. Zaman employs him as a general manager.
EncourageEncouragedEncouragedI encourage you to do the task.
EndEndedEndedEnd your homework correctly.
EnjoyEnjoyedEnjoyedHe has enjoyed the program.
EnterEnteredEnteredI’m excited enough to see you.
EscapeEscapedEscapedHe escaped from his home.
ExciteExcitedExcitedYou have failed the examination.
ExplainExplainedExplainedExplain the story in brief.
ExtendExtendedExtendedHe intends to extend the time of his visa.
FaceFacedFacedYou have to face the challenge.
FailFailedFailedDon’t fear seeing the animal.
FearFearedFearedHe helps poor people.
FileFiledFiledHe filed a case against his enemy.
FillFilledFilledFill in the vacancy of your company.
FixFixedFixedFix the issue as soon as possible.
FollowFollowedFollowedI always try to follow your instruction.
GazeGazedGazedI’m gazing at the bird.
GreetGreetedGreetedEveryone greets him for his success.
GuessGuessedGuessedDo you guess the person?
HappenHappenedHappenedLet’s explain what happened there.
HarassHarassedHarassedDon’t harass any woman.
HarmHarmedHarmedDon’t harm anyone else.
HateHatedHatedSamiya didn’t hate her husband.
HelpHelpedHelpedHe is laughing at seeing his friend.
HopeHopedHopedI hope everything will be alright.
IdentifyIdentifiedIdentifiedDid you identify the guy?
IgnoreIgnoredIgnoredHe will never ignore you.
ImagineImaginedImaginedJust imagine the incident for a while.
ImpressImpressedImpressedHe tries to impress his boss.
IncludeIncludedIncludedEverything is included in the file.
IncreaseIncreasedIncreasedThe price of essential goods is increasing.
InfluenceInfluencedInfluencedHe has influenced the investigation.
InformInformedInformedPlease inform your co-worker.
InterestInterestedInterestedI’m interested in participating there.
InterfereInterferedInterferedDon’t interfere with my personal life.
IntroduceIntroducedIntroducedIntroduce yourself within five sentences.
InviteInvitedInvitedYou’re invited to the wedding party.
JoinJoinedJoinedYou can join us.
JudgeJudgedJudgedDon’t judge anything blindly.
KillKilledKilledHe killed a bird.
KnockKnockedKnockedDid you knock him to attend the class?
LaughLaughedLaughedI knew this would occur in the future.
LearnLearnedLearnedI’m learning from the lesson.
ListenListenedListenedHe has been listening to songs for two hours.
LiveLivedLivedThey have been living in the UK for three years.
LookLookedLookedLook at the window.
LoveLovedLovedHe loves his parents.
ManageManagedManagedTry to manage your father.
MarryMarriedMarriedShe will marry after two years.
MemorizeMemorizedMemorizedTry to memorize the lesson.
MournMournedMournedHe is mourning the departure of his sister.
NeedNeededNeededI need you right now.
NoteNotedNotedYour present activities will be noted.
ObeyObeyedObeyedPlease obey your teacher’s words.
ObserveObservedObservedDo you observe his behavior?
ObtainObtainedObtainedDid you permit me to enter the room?
OccurOccurredOccurredHe obtained a GPA of 5 on the final exam.
OpenOpenedOpenedPlease open the door of your room.
OrderOrderedOrderedHe ordered his son to do this task.
PassPassedPassedI hope you will pass in English.
PerformPerformedPerformedYou have to perform there.
PermitPermittedPermittedWe reached the place on time.
PlayPlayedPlayedHe is playing football.
PrayPrayedPrayedPlease pray for me to get a job.
PreparePreparedPreparedHe is preparing for the upcoming days.
PreventPreventedPreventedPrevent him from bad things.
PromisePromisedPromisedPromise me you won’t forget the moment.
QuestionQuestionedQuestionedDon’t question him about his matter.
RaiseRaisedRaisedRaise your voice against corruption.
ReachReachedReachedWe have reached the place on time.
RealizeRealizedRealizedNow he realizes his mistakes.
ReduceReducedReducedWill you reduce the price of the product?
RefuseRefusedRefusedPlease don’t refuse my request.
RemoveRemovedRemovedHe removed old furniture from his home.
ReturnReturnedReturnedWhen will you return from the market?
SatisfySatisfiedSatisfiedI’m satisfied to work with you.
SaveSavedSavedWe have to save her life.
SearchSearchedSearchedHe is searching for a team member for his business.
SkipSkippedSkippedDon’t skip essential lessons.
StartStartedStartedStart your homework right now.
StopStoppedStoppedStop wasting your valuable time.
SuggestSuggestedSuggestedSuggest a Nobel for me.
SurpriseSurprisedSurprisedI will surprise you one day.
TalkTalkedTalkedNow talk to me to discuss this matter.
ThankThankedThankedThank him for his achievement.
TravelTraveledTraveledI intend to travel with you.
UseUsedUsedYou may use this shampoo for the shower.
VanishVanishedVanishedHe has vanished from the city.
WaitWaitedWaitedWait for me for a while.
WalkWalkedWalkedHe is walking in the street.
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