Conjunctions Quiz

Conjunctions Quiz

The multiple-choice quiz focuses on “Conjunctions: Definition, Types, and Examples.” It consists of 20 questions designed to test your understanding of conjunctions, their types, and their usage in sentences.

The quiz covers various aspects, including coordinating, subordinating, and correlative conjunctions and their functions in connecting words or phrases. Questions also explore conjunctions’ roles in indicating contrast, cause-and-effect relationships, and choices.

The quiz aims to assess your ability to identify different types of conjunctions, complete sentences with appropriate conjunctions, and recognize their significance in forming coherent and meaningful sentences. Completing this quiz enhances your knowledge of conjunctions and their practical applications in writing and communication.

Conjunctions Quiz in English

1. What is a conjunction?

2. Which of the following is not a type of conjunction?

3. Identify the coordinating conjunction in the following sentence: "I wanted to go to the park, but it started raining."

4. Which type of conjunction shows a cause-and-effect relationship?

5. In the sentence "She will come if you invite her," what kind of conjunction is "if"?

6. Choose the correct correlative conjunction pair for the sentence: "______ Sarah sings, ______ John plays the guitar."

7. Identify the subordinating conjunction in the sentence: "After the movie ended, we went out for dinner."

8. Which conjunction is used to show contrast?

9. Which conjunctions are used to join two complete sentences without a comma?

10. Which of the following is a correlative conjunction pair?

11. "I both like tea ____ coffee." Complete the sentence with the appropriate conjunction:

12. Choose the correct conjunction to fill in the blank: "She is studying hard ______ she wants to pass the exam."

13. Identify the conjunction in the sentence: "They went to the beach and enjoyed the sun."

14. Which conjunction is used to introduce a list of items?

15. "He not only plays the piano, ____ he also composes music." Complete the sentence with the appropriate conjunction:

16. Which type of conjunction is used to combine words that are similar in function or purpose?

17. "She decided to go for a walk, _____ it was raining." Complete the sentence with the appropriate conjunction:

18. Identify the coordinating conjunctions in the following sentence: "You can either join now or wait until later."

19. "I like to swim, ____ I'm not very good at it." Complete the sentence with the appropriate conjunction:

20. Which conjunction is used to introduce an alternative or choice between two things?

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