How to Learn English Online Effectively

How to Learn English Online Effectively: A Complete Guide

How long have you been learning English? Maybe, you started to learn ten years ago and still do not feel comfortable speaking with foreigners. Or you started just a few months ago and want to accelerate the process. We have moved from offline classes to online education in the last few years. And it does not matter how long you are practicing your language skills and your goal; you will come to the question: “How to learn English online?”.

We won’t judge you. It is one of the most frequently asked questions from people worldwide. We have a wide variety of online learning options, making us look each time for more and more effective ones. This phenomenon even has its scientific name – people have so many possible options that they can not decide on the best one.

And this is what this blog is about. Let’s look through the best techniques and methods to help you learn English online more efficiently. This is our step-by-step guide for those of you who want to succeed in English, are going to pass TOEFL, IELTS, or Duolingo exams, or want to be fluent at work or during your studies.

What to Consider Choosing the Right English Learning Methodology?

Let’s look at all possible things that can affect your English learning practice. Here is what to consider before you start planning online lessons:

1. What are your learning goals and objectives?

Sounds easy, but in fact, it is not so. Are you learning English because you need to do your homework? Then you can also use specific services that will help you with it – for example, the best assignment calculator from StudyCrumb will be the best guide to A-homework. Are you planning to get higher education in English? Are you going to pass English proficiency exams? Maybe, your goal is to get a job and use English for writing emails. Or do you need the language because you are moving to another country? From hundreds of options, choose the one that works for you the best.

2. What is your time frame?

Outline how much time you have for learning English online. Then you will understand if you need to learn it every day or if it will be enough to have two-three lessons with native speakers a week. It is always better to have a concrete time slot when you need to achieve specific goals. For instance, you must pass the exam in three months or get a new job in a year.

3. Are you looking for free options, or will you pay for your lessons?

The next point concerns your money and how much you will spend on language learning. It is ok to decide to use only free online resources; you need to plan it, outlining your learning journey.

4. What is your English level?

Test yourself first. You need to know your weak sides and where to work the most. Maybe you need to improve your grammar or become more fluent in speaking. Who knows? Start with a general test to identify your English level.

The Best Ways To Learn English Online Effectively

Let’s jump directly to the best tools for learning English online. With clear goals, you can be sure to build the best program for you.

1. Speak with native speakers

If your goal is to speak English fluently, focus on resources that allow you to speak with natives on various topics. You can find free options, but many great websites offer cheap options. You can also try to communicate in comments on social media with English-speaking people – for instance, look at Twitter, where many Americans spend time. You will find a topic for discussion that interests you.

2. Watch Youtube, but be specific with topics

You may spend hours watching Youtube videos, but it won’t guarantee your English level will improve. However, if your goal is to study in an English-speaking country, find science-related channels. You may also watch TED talks and Crush Courses on your specific topic. Maybe you can watch lectures from well-known universities, as you can find many of them with free access. You may also start listening to podcasts in English on the topic you like.

3. Read scientific news

Not all the reading will improve your English. The best option is to find a source that will be interesting for you with topics you would be excited to read in your native language. For example, it can be New Scientists, National Geographic, Science, and others. Moreover, you will get a huge amount of new words from those magazines.

4. Choose an online school with native speakers

If you are looking for the best online school, find one with a native-speaker teacher. We should also recommend focusing on smaller groups and starting with an intro lesson. In most schools, the first lesson will be free for new students. You need to use it and try if this one works for you.

5. Switch all your programs/apps on the computer into English

It can be complicated if your English is not proficient, but it will make you learn the language faster. Try it for a few days, and you will find it helpful.

6. Watch online films in their original English

Many online streaming services provide original films with subtitles in English or your native language. If it is too difficult for you to watch them without subtitles, start with your native or English. But it will make you more fluent in English, quite a fact.

7. Schedule your time for learning English

It may look like you have a lot of time but no concrete hour or two for focusing on English reading or listening. If you don’t put this time into the calendar, it is a huge possibility that you won’t learn English. If you want efficient study, then define time for it.

Final Thoughts

Learning English is a long process, and many people continue to learn and improve it. The Internet can be an efficient tool in this process, opening many possibilities and resources. Reading the latest news, watching exciting lectures, and listening to podcasts can be an excellent foundation for your advanced English level. However, the most important thing is your time, planning, and understanding of your learning goals.

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