Examples of Present Perfect Tense

50 Examples Of Present Perfect Tense

This lesson will discuss the 50 useful examples of the present perfect tense. Present perfect tense describes an action that has been finished but its consequence still available. It takes “have” “has” as its helping verb, and the past participle form is added after the main verb.

50 Examples Of Present Perfect Tense

Let’s see the 50 useful examples of the present perfect tense:

  1. I have studied English for many days, and I still study it every day.
  2. I have lived in three different cities during my life.
  3. They have not understood the situation.
  4. Mr. Ali has completed the project.
  5. You have not respected your parents.
  6. I have seen the movie recently.
  7. The kids have washed their hands and face before meals.
  8. Has he helped you?
  9. She has completed her assignment in one day.
  10. Has your father returned from his business trip?
  11. My friends have tried to help me with my problem, but they couldn’t do it!
  12. He has received a lot of gifts on his birthday.
  13. You have entered the competition without permission from me.
  14. They have not saved any food for the future.
  15. Has she drunk the milk?
  16. He has broken his leg.
  17. We have seen the movie with our new friends.
  18. We have cleaned the house before our friends’ visit.
  19. No one has cleaned the table yet.
  20. She has found a new job in London.
  21. He has built a new home in our street.
  22. We have created a new study group on WhatsApp.
  23. I have married my cousin.
  24. They have not accepted the invitation.
  25. I have worked in that office for five years.
  26. She has passed the exam.
  27. The kids have done their homework before dinner.
  28. We have prepared some food for them.
  29. You have not remembered your promise.
  30. I have seen the dog.
  31. The program has broadcasted on TV.
  32. Has he suffered from the accident?
  33. She has spent her vacation in Paris.
  34. The children have cleaned their teeth before going to bed.
  35. Has he downloaded the movie?
  36. She has enjoyed the party.
  37. We have not accepted their invitation.
  38. The students have not brought their books today.
  39. They have not studied for the test seriously.
  40. I have checked the new price of the product.
  41. Have you already read the book?
  42. You have saved some food for me, thanks!
  43. They have felt nervous in the exam hall.
  44. I have saved some food for my poor neighbors.
  45. They have not been to France yet.
  46. She has waited for her friend.
  47. He has eaten some mushrooms at lunch.
  48. We have drunk a cup of coffee before leaving.
  49. She has eaten too many burgers.
  50. I have eaten at the restaurant before going to the cinema.
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