Present Progressive Tense Exercises

Present Progressive Tense Exercises With Answers

Present Progressive Tense is a verb tense that is used to describe actions that are ongoing or currently taking place. In English, the present progressive tense is formed by using the helping verbs “am, is, are” and adding the present participle (“-ing”) form of the main verb. In this article, we will discuss 20 present progressive tense exercises with their answers.

20 Exercises of The Present Progressive Tense with Answers

1. I am studying for my exam.

Exercise: She ___________ (study) at the library right now.

2. He is playing football with his friends.

Exercise: They ___________ (play) video games in the living room.

3. She is cooking dinner for her family.

Exercise: He ___________ (cook) breakfast every morning.

4. They are watching a movie at the cinema.

Exercise: We ___________ (watch) a documentary about animals.

5. The children are singing a song in the classroom.

Exercise: The students ___________ (sing) the national anthem every morning.

6. He is running in the park.

Exercise: She ___________ (run) on the treadmill at the gym.

7. She is studying English grammar.

Exercise: They ___________ (study) French literature at university.

8. They are playing cards in the living room.

Exercise: He ___________ (play) chess with his grandfather every weekend.

9. He is writing a letter to his friend.

Exercise: She ___________ (write) a novel in her free time.

10. She is teaching a class of students.

Exercise: They ___________ (teach) math at the high school.

11. They are walking to the park.

Exercise: He ___________ (walk) his dog in the park every day.

12. She is painting a picture.

Exercise: They ___________ (paint) their house over the weekend.

13. He is driving to work.

Exercise: She ___________ (drive) to school every morning.

14. They are eating breakfast at the restaurant.

Exercise: He ___________ (eat) a sandwich for lunch every day.

15. She is cleaning the kitchen.

Exercise: They ___________ (clean) their room every Saturday.

16. They are swimming in the pool.

Exercise: She ___________ (swim) in the ocean during her vacation.

17. He is playing the guitar.

Exercise: They ___________ (play) the piano every evening.

18. She is studying for her final exams.

Exercise: He ___________ (study) for his driving test next week.

19. They are building a sandcastle on the beach.

Exercise: She ___________ (build) a birdhouse in her backyard.

20. He is listening to music on his headphones.

Exercise: They ___________ (listen) to the radio in the car.

Final Thoughts

The present progressive tense is a useful verb tense for describing ongoing or current actions. By using the helping verbs “am, is, are” in the present tense and adding the present participle (“-ing”) form of the main verb, English learners can easily form sentences in the present progressive tense.

With the help of these 20 present progressive tense examples and exercises, English learners can practice and improve their understanding of this important tense.

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