Present continuous tense

Present Continuous Tense | Definition, Structure and Examples

Present Continuous Tense

We need to use Present Continuous Tense when an action is going on and continuing in the near future. Present Continuous Tense takes ‘am’, ‘is’ ‘are’ as its helping verbs and ‘ing’ added at the end of the main verb. Let us see some examples:

  • I am donating some food for helpless people.
  • He is dancing at the wedding party.
  • She is cooking for her husband.
  • They are going to take a new step.
  • We are discussing the issue.

Structure: Subject+am/is/are+Verb+(ing)+Object

Let us see the different forms of Present Continuous Tense:

AffirmativeInterrogativeNegativeNegative Interrogative
I am reading this drama.Am I reading this drama?I am not reading this drama.Am I not reading this drama?
He is taking the class.Is he taking the class?He is not taking the class.Is he not taking the class?
Jamil is celebrating his birthday.Is Jamil celebrating his birthday?Jamil is not celebrating his birthday.Is Jamil not celebrating his birthday?
You are missing your friends.Are you missing your friends?You are not missing your friends.Are you not missing your friends?
She is swimming in the river.Is she swimming in the river?She is not swimming in the river.Is she not swimming in the river?

Examples of Present Continuous Tense

Let us see some examples of Present Continuous Tense:

  • She is singing a beautiful song.
  • He is joining his new workplace.
  • Sabeel is teaching English.
  • You are doing a good deed now.
  • Are they playing cards?
  • We are not going outside of our home.
  • Am I not requesting you to give up bad habits?
  • He is selling his old car.
  • You are focusing on your study.
  • They are not laughing at you.
  • Hasib is reading a new lesson.
  • Kabita is acknowledging the fact.
  • Yubraj is traveling now.
  • I am feeling nervous today.
  • Simi is looking for good friends.
  • Joy is running in the field.
  • Is he not obeying his responsibility?
  • We are finding the best way to overcome it.
  • He is suffering from a fever.
  • Jolly is starting a business.
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