Types of Pronouns Quiz

Types of Pronouns Quiz

The ” Types of Pronouns” quiz consists of ten multiple-choice questions designed to test your understanding of different types of pronouns and their usage in English sentences. Pronouns play a crucial role in replacing nouns and avoiding repetition, and this quiz aims to evaluate your knowledge in this area.

Pronouns Quiz

1. What is the purpose of using pronouns in English sentences?

2. Which of the following is a personal pronoun in the third person singular?

3. Identify the relative pronoun in the sentence: "The book that I borrowed from the library was fantastic."

4. Which pronoun agrees with the antecedent "students" in the sentence: "______ finished their assignments on time."

5. Choose the correct possessive pronoun to fill in the blank: "The car is _____."

6. What is the reflexive pronoun in the sentence: "She taught herself how to play the guitar."

7. Select the demonstrative pronoun: "______ is my favorite movie."

8. Which pronoun best completes the sentence: "Neither of the boys brought ____ lunch to school."

9. In the sentence "The gift is for him," what type of pronoun is "him"?

10. Identify the intensive pronoun in the sentence: "I myself witnessed the incident."

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