Examples of Personal Pronouns

20 Useful Examples of Personal Pronouns

What Is A Personal pronoun?

A personal pronoun is placed instead of a particular person or people to avoid repetition. In other words, we can say that a pronoun that replaces a proper noun is called a personal pronoun. Personal pronoun may take various forms depending on person, number, case and gender.

Singular Personal Pronouns

A personal pronoun can be used as singular if it refers to one particular person or thing. Lets see the most common singular personal pronouns:

  • First Person: I, me
  • Second Person: You
  • Third Person: He, she, him, her, it

Plural Personal Pronouns

A personal pronoun can be used as plural if it refers to more than one person or thing. Lets see the most common plural personal pronouns:

  • First Person: We, us
  • Second Person: You
  • Third Person: They, them

Subject Pronouns and Object Pronouns

Personal pronouns can be used as the subject or object in a sentence. Subject pronouns are called the nominative case, while object pronouns are called the object case. Let us see the subject pronouns and the object pronouns in the below table:

Subject PronounsObject Pronouns

20 Examples of Personal Pronouns

Let’s see the 20 useful examples of personal pronouns:

  1. I am very happy to get the honor from the president.
  2. He loves to play football tournaments for us.
  3. She knew how to learn a lesson from her mistake.
  4. We all know you are a brilliant student in the class.
  5. They are the victim of the conspiracy.
  6. Who will play the game against our opponent?
  7. You are the lucky person in our community.
  8. It is an honest review from the exact person.
  9. Robinson helped me a lot in my bad situation.
  10. Rabiya doesn’t deserve this misbehavior from him.
  11. Her mother is waiting for her for a long time.
  12. This victory is undoubtedly a matter of pride for us.
  13. Whom do you select as your life partner?
  14. I have learned many things from the discussion.
  15. Hafeez is going to meet with his friend after two months.
  16. He plays a significant role in securing the house.
  17. You can take the opportunity to get a handsome job.
  18. We will sacrifice our valuable time only for you.
  19. They passed the last examination after finishing hard work.
  20. Do you learn something from this lesson?
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