Examples of Gerund in English with Sentences

50 Effective Examples of Gerunds in English with Sentences

This lesson will discuss the 50 effective examples of gerunds in English grammar. A gerund is a verb that has been converted into a noun. In other words, we can say Gerund is a word that ends with –ing. It can also be called a present participle or a verbal noun. You can use gerunds as the subject, object, or sentence complement.

50 Examples of Gerunds in English with Sentences

Let’s see the 50 effective examples of gerunds in English grammar with sentences. Gerunds are marked as bold for easy identification:

  1. Going to school is our favorite activity.
  2. Trying to do it quickly will only make it worse. 
  3. Wanting to please everyone will only lead to disappointment.
  4. I see him playing in the field.
  5. She feels pleasure reading the book.
  6. We found him walking in the street.
  7. I insist on him going to the market.
  8. He enjoys eating fruits.
  9. We regret him leaving the job.
  10. I am fond of playing chess.
  11. She dislikes cooking vegetables.
  12. They are afraid of losing their jobs.
  13. I was dreaming of going to the moon.
  14. She felt sorry for them being ill.
  15. Shouting at them will not solve the problem. 
  16. Making the final decision is so tough for him. 
  17. She is fond of going out with her friends on weekends. 
  18. She is looking forward to going to the theatre tomorrow night.
  19. My father insisted on me doing my homework first.
  20. I am looking forward to hearing authentic information from your parents.
  21. The children were afraid of speaking in front of the principal.
  22. He is afraid of losing his job.
  23. I am looking forward to hearing the good news.
  24. They are sorry for offending you. 
  25. We found them arguing with each other.
  26. She is distraught at his doing so.
  27. I know the boy running in the bridge.
  28. She was angry at him for lying to her.
  29. I am upset with your leaving early without saying goodbye to me. 
  30. I was surprised at hearing the news. 
  31. She is worried about failing in the examination.
  32. We were sorry for his not coming to our party. 
  33. I am happy seeing you again after a long time. 
  34. He is upset at losing the book given by his grandfather.
  35. I was surprised at seeing him at the party.
  36. I am sorry for her not writing to me.
  37. I am sorry for you having to wait.
  38. He is upset at being insulted by the teacher.
  39. Winning a prize is a great feeling for us.
  40. He regrets making the same mistake.
  41. I am sorry for having broken the cup. 
  42. Legally making money is a good virtue. 
  43. I was glad to see my old teacher praying for me.
  44. She was embarrassed for not being able to help me. 
  45. He is happy at winning the first prize in the competition.
  46. She was delighted to win the first prize defeating her competitors. 
  47. I’ll see you after many days of playing football. 
  48. Her final mark in the examination will depend on the quality of her writing.
  49. Meeting with you again after a long time. 
  50. She is worried about making the same mistake again. 
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