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Simple Sentence | Definition, and Examples

Sometimes we express a normal thing by using the term ‘simple,’ such as “it’s a simple matter, don’t worry about it.” But many of us don’t know the definition of a simple sentence.

Today we’ll unveil the definition of a simple sentence, including examples. According to the Cambridge dictionary definition, ‘simple’ means ‘easy to understand’ or ‘not difficult.’ Now we can assume that a simple sentence should be easy to understand.

Let’s come to the definition. A sentence that contains only one subject and one finite verb or a principle clause is called a simple sentence.

20 Examples of Simple Sentences

Let us see some examples of simple sentences:

20 Examples of Simple Sentences
  • I know this person very well.
  • He plays a significant role in that game.
  • She played well in the match.
  • They offer a lot more things in the restuarant.
  • We are happy to see you in our home.
  • Xareen prays for her parents.
  • Subham knew the full story.
  • Mr. Williams breaks the rules of the company.
  • The boy catches fish everyday.
  • I like gossiping with my friends.
  • He is my brother’s friend.
  • He feels nervous tonight.
  • She waited for the train.
  • My mother makes delicious foods for me.
  • She loves reading novels.
  • Joby accepted your friend request.
  • They managed the program successfully.
  • I need you right now.
  • He did this task properly.
  • She listens to soft music.
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