Examples of simple sentences

50 Examples of Simple Sentences

In this lesson, we will discuss the 50 valuable examples of simple sentences in English grammar. A simple sentence is used in English to convey a single idea. Now you may have a question on what is the definition of a simple sentence right? So let us know the definition of a simple sentence.

Definition of a Simple sentence

A simple sentence is a group of words that contains a subject and verb and expresses a complete thought. In other words, we can say a sentence that denotes a subject and a finite verb or an independent clause and expresses an entire idea is called a simple sentence. For example:

  • I went to the store.
  • The dog barked at me.
  • He is my close friend.
  • I know the bird very well.
  • She delivered her opinion.

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50 Examples of simples sentences

Without further delay, let’s have a look at the 50 valuable examples of simple sentences to get a clear idea about them:

  1. I saw that horror movie on Netflix.
  2. The children together play in the garden.
  3. The boy wrote a sentence on the blackboard.
  4. They play with those toys in their house.
  5. Maira reads a novel every week.
  6. I saw them coming to our new apartment.
  7. We went to the cineplex yesterday.
  8. We all went to the party yesterday night.
  9. They stay together at that critical time.
  10. He plays with his friends in the yard.
  11. We don’t play together again.
  12. I talk to my teacher about my final project.
  13. We played an exciting game in the garden.
  14. Mr. Williams stands near the window.
  15. I got a letter from my best friend.
  16. Did you feel pleasure last night?
  17. They talk about their plans for the weekend.
  18. I learned a lot of things from this class.
  19. We stand near the window for a long time.
  20. They form a new committee for the project.
  21. She comes to you telling about a secret.
  22. Raj sits on his bed for reading a book.
  23. The boys play football in the field behind my house.
  24. He works on his computer every night.
  25. Sumaiya prays for her parents.
  26. I know the true story of this strange person.
  27. She often watches TV in the drawing-room.
  28. He stands in front of the door.
  29. Saira watched her favorite movie in the cinema.
  30. Did she make a recipe for you?
  31. I saw him running up the stairs.
  32. The children play hockey in the garden.
  33. She acknowledges the scene of the story.
  34. The boys stand outside the classroom.
  35. We are angry of guilty of his action.
  36. My father stands near the window.
  37. I talk to my friends about the project.
  38. We are happy to see you after many days.
  39. My mother stands next to me on this chair.
  40. Do you live next to my house?
  41. They refuse our proposal for no reason.
  42. We express our concern regarding the current issue.
  43. Joya left the place a few weeks ago.
  44. Does she understand the lesson properly?
  45. The boys stand outside the classroom.
  46. We are three friends sitting under the tree.
  47. My brother feels sorry for his mistake.
  48. You make me laugh for the entire day.
  49. Do you accept my request for the first time?
  50. My mother stands next to me on this chair.

To sum up we can say that, it’s very easy to understand simple sentences. We need one thing that is we need to understand the definition of the simple sentence carefully. These 50 examples of simple sentences will help you get a clear conception of this sentence.

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