50 Examples of Interrogative Sentences

50 Examples of Interrogative Sentences

Do you know how to ask questions in English? In this blog post, we will show 50 examples of interrogative sentences. Interrogative sentences are used to ask questions. There are many different types of interrogative sentences, but today we will focus on the most common ones. Let’s get started!

50 examples of Interrogative Sentences

Let’s see the 50 useful examples of interrogative sentences:

  1. Do you understand what I’m saying?
  2. Can you please explain it to me?
  3. Are you sure that’s what you want?
  4. What exactly are you trying to say?
  5. How can I help you?
  6. What do you need?
  7. Would you like me to help you?
  8. What’s wrong?
  9. What happened?
  10. Why are you crying?
  11. Where is your mom?
  12. When will she be back?
  13. Who did this to you?
  14. May I ask what your name is?
  15. What is your name?
  16. Do you have a moment to talk?
  17. How are you today?
  18. Did anything interesting happen to you today?
  19. What are you up to this weekend?
  20. Would you like to do something together next weekend?
  21. What time shall we meet tomorrow?
  22. Where shall we meet tomorrow?
  23. I’m sorry, I don’t understand. Could you please say that again?
  24. Could you please speak more slowly?
  25. How do you spell that?
  26. Can you help me with this?
  27. Can you show me how to do that?
  28. Do you know where I can find a good restaurant?
  29. Do you know how to get to the airport?
  30. Excuse me, do you know where the nearest bank is?
  31. Do you have any suggestions?
  32. Will you marry me?
  33. How much do you love me?
  34. Why do you love me?
  35. What does love mean to you?
  36. How can I make you happy?
  37. What are your hopes and dreams?
  38. What makes you sad?
  39. What’s your biggest fear?
  40. What is your favorite color?
  41. Why do you like horses so much?
  42. Did you find your favorite car?
  43. Will you consider him your idol?
  44. What is your favorite movie?
  45. Are you looking for a good restaurant?
  46. What did you do today?
  47. How was your day?
  48. Did you have a good day?
  49. What are you going to do tomorrow?
  50. Where did you go yesterday?
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