Interrogative Sentence

Interrogative Sentence | Definition, Structure and Examples

Interrogative Sentence

‘Sentence’ is divided into many types and Interrogative Sentence is one of them. Interrogative Sentence deals with questions. Now come to the definition.

A sentence that asks a question and ends in a question mark (?) is called an Interrogative Sentence. Let us see some examples;

  • Do you love me?
  • Will you help the poor boy?
  • What is your favorite food?
  • Have they played today?
  • Did we follow the commandment?

Note: All the sentences ask questions and end in questions mark.

Let us see the affirmative and negative form of Interrogative Sentence:

Will you help me?Will you not help me?
Does he take his dinner?Does he not take his dinner?
Did she know you?Did she not know you?
Have you read the book?Have you not read the book?
Can you lend me some money?Can you not lend me some money?

Stracture: Auxiliary Verb+ Subject+ Main Verb+ Object

Examples of Interrogative Sentence

Let us see some examples of Interrogative Sentence in the below:

  1. Do you take your lunch?
  2. Who is your favorite poet?
  3. What is his ambition in the future?
  4. Can you follow the procedure properly?
  5. Don’t I see you before?
  6. Have you seen the place?
  7. Did she accept your request?
  8. When do you take off from the airport?
  9. Whom do she accept as a life partner?
  10. Will they participate in the program?
  11. Is he trying to do it?
  12. Does she not take part in the debate competition?
  13. Did Kareem not play badminton?
  14. Could you not remember the incident?
  15. May he come here tonight?
  16. Does Saniya know you?
  17. What is favorite movie?
  18. Am I looking at you?
  19. Whom do you choose for the game?
  20. Can we donate some money for the poor people?
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