Irregular verbs list

80 Most Useful Irregular Verbs List with V2, V3, and Examples

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Irregular Verbs

The English language has a lot of Irregular or Strong Verbs. Today we’re going to mention the 80 most common and useful Irregular verbs list in English. However, before mentioning those verbs, we have to know how we identify past and past participle forms in Irregular Verbs.

The formation process of past and participle in Irregular verbs is a little complicated in contrast to Regular Verbs. In Irregular Verbs, the past and past participle are formed by changing the inside vowel of the present. Let us see some examples in the below table:

PresentPastPast Participle

80 Most Useful Irregular Verbs List

Now let us see the 80 most common and useful Irregular Verbs list with past, participle and examples in the below table:

Irregular Verbs(V1)Past(V2)Past Participle(V3)Examples
AbideAbodeAbodeTry to abide by your parents words.
AriseAroseArisenThe boy arises early in the morning.
Be(am, is, are)Was, WereBeenI am looking for the best partner.
BearBoreBorneI can’t bear your all cost.
BeatBeatBeatenYou should not beat him.
BecomeBecameBecomeThis product became a useless thing.
BeginBeganBegunThe program will begin the next morning.
BendBentBentDon’t bend this weak bamboo.
BetBetBetHe intends to bet with him.
BindBoundBoundYou should not bind him for this reason.
BidBadeBadeMay she bid about this matter.
BiteBitBittenBite the food and feel the taste.
BreakBrokeBrokenHe has broken the agreement.
BringBroughtBroughtWe have to be united for bringing peace.
BuildBuiltBuiltI’ll build a sweet home for my family.
BuyboughtboughtAlex will have bought 1-acre land inside the city.
CatchCaughtCaughtThe police caught the thief.
ChideChidChidden/ChidEveryone chides him for his sin.
ChooseChoseChosenPlease choose a saree for my mom.
ClingClungClungYou should cling to this job.
ComeCameComeCome to the office on time.
CutCutCutCut the wrong part of this video script.
DigDugDugThis man dug a pond for fish farming.
DoDidDonePlease do this task for me.
DrawDrewDrawnMy sister is drawing a beautiful sketch.
DriveDroveDrivenDrive your car carefully.
DrinkDrankDrunkHe is drinking fresh water.
EatAteEatenWe’re eating our dinner together.
FallFellFallenHe has fallen from the tree.
FeelFeltFeltI have been feeling your memory every day.
FightFoughtFoughtDon’t fight with each other.
FindFoundFoundHe is trying to find his friend.
FlyFlewFlownThe bird is flying over the building.
ForgetForgotForgottenI forgot to pick my passport with me.
ForgiveForgaveForgivenMay almighty forgive us all.
GetGotGot/GottenDid you get the surprise from her?
GiveGaveGivenI have given you the pen.
GoWentGoneHe went to school yesterday.
GrowGrewGrownThe plant grew on our rooftop.
HangHungHungThe mouse is hanging in the tree.
HaveHadHadI have a bike and I ride it sometimes.
HearHeardHeardDo you hear my voice clearly?
HideHidHiddenThe boy hides below the table.
HoldHeldHeldHold the hand safely.
KeepKeptKeptKeep the book on your shelves.
KnowKnewKnownI knew you will have come here.
LearnLearnt/LearnedLearnt/LearnedRead the book and learn something from it.
LeaveLeftLeftHe left the place a few days ago.
LendLentLentWill you lend me some money?
LieLayLainHe lies in the bed.
LoseLostLostToday we lost the match.
MakeMadeMadePlease make a cup of tea for me.
MeetMetMetI’ll meet you tomorrow.
PayPaidPaidPlease pay the bill for this product.
ReadReadReadHe has been reading the book for 2 hours.
RingRangRungYour phone is ringing.
RiseRoseRisenThe sun rises early in the morning.
RunRanRunThe boy is running in the field.
SaySaidSaidYou can say your story.
SeeSawSeenI have seen you for a long time.
SellSoldSoldHe is selling a variety of mango fruit.
SendSentSentI’m sending him for this task.
ShowShowedShownShow your papers properly.
SingSangSungPlease sing a song for me.
SitSatSatBe calm and sit down.
SleepSleptSleptHe is sleeping deeply.
SpeakSpokeSpokenHe speaks like a native speaker.
StandStoodStoodI’m standing by you.
SwimSwamSwumShe can swim in the pond.
TakeTookTakenYou may take your seat.
TeachTaughtTaughtHe has been teaching since last year.
TellToldToldKazeem told you to do the work.
ThinkThoughtThoughtHe thinks I’ll succeed in the future.
UnderstandUnderstoodUnderstoodI have understood your class.
WakeWokeWokenPlease wake up early in the morning.
WearWoreWornYou can wear this jacket for this winter.
WeepWeptWeptShe is weeping for missing her mother.
WinWonWonHope we’ll win the football match.
WithdrawWithdrewWithdrawnYou may withdraw your previous statement.
WriteWroteWritenI have been writing fiction.
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