Examples of Past Continuous Tense

65 Examples of Past Continuous Tense

The past continuous tense is a verb tense that shows that something was happening in the past and was continued for some time. It can be used to talk about actions while another action takes place.

This tense is called the past progressive tense. In this lesson, we’ll examine 65 examples of using the past continuous tense.

65 Useful Examples of Past Continuous Tense

Let’s see the 65 useful examples of the past continuous tense in English grammar.

  1. I was watching TV when he called.
  2. I was running down the street.
  3. She was eating lunch.
  4. He was not working on that day.
  5. It was raining heavily.
  6. I was cleaning the room, and suddenly a bird came into my room.
  7. We were going to the airport.
  8. We were meeting at an unexpected moment.
  9. He was not doing any work.
  10. They were looking at us from their window.
  11. I was doing my homework when my sister called me over the phone.
  12. She was sleeping alone.
  13. The students were not listening to their teachers.
  14. I was not reading any books but watching TV.
  15. She was cooking good food when the phone rang.
  16. My father was not working in the morning.
  17. My mother was sleeping when I came back from school.
  18. We were going to the bank when we met our teacher in the park.
  19. The children were playing in the garden.
  20. They were playing badminton.
  21. You were sitting in your chair and reading a novel.
  22. I was not working last week, but I am swamped doing my work this week.
  23. He was doing his work when the rain started.
  24. The children were watching TV when the bell rang.
  25. I was going to school when it started raining heavily.
  26. The students were eating their lunch in the classroom.
  27. My father was reading a newspaper.
  28. The students were sitting in their class and listening to their teacher’s speech.
  29. The children were sleeping in their bedroom when someone knocked at the door.
  30. She was sitting on her chair and talking to her friend on the phone.
  31. He was not doing any work for two hours, then he went.
  32. They were thinking about their future when I called them over the phone.
  33. I was not sleeping for two days due to my headache.
  34. My parents were not working on that day.
  35. He was not writing anything when I entered the room.
  36. The dog was barking at me, and it chased me for about a mile before I reached my home.
  37. I was cleaning the room, and suddenly a bird came into my room.
  38. They were looking at us from their window.
  39. I was not listening to them, but I thought about my future.
  40. They were working on that day, and they were not taking any cost from their teacher.
  41. I was living in a small house, but I had a big garden with beautiful flowers, trees and a pool in it.
  42. The girls were chatting on the phone.
  43. We were talking about the new project.
  44. She was sitting and reading in the library.
  45. He was eating when I called him.
  46. They were sleeping in my room when I entered it.
  47. I was sleeping when you called me.
  48. The cat was playing in the garden.
  49. The children were playing on a swing.
  50. The police were chasing the thief.
  51. We were playing cards in the club when everyone left.
  52. The guests were talking to each other at the party.
  53. My friend was speaking when I entered his room.
  54. I was sleeping when she called me.
  55. He was talking when I entered the room.
  56. She was reading when I called her.
  57. We were sleeping when you contacted us.
  58. He was having breakfast when I met him in the morning.
  59. The boys were reading when I entered the library.
  60. The girls were playing in the garden.
  61. My mother was cooking when I entered the house.
  62. He was watching television when his friend called him.
  63. We were dancing when they called us.
  64. The girls were dancing when I entered the room.
  65. They were having lunch when I called them.
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