50 Examples of Past Indefinite Tense

50 Examples of Past Indefinite Tense

This lesson will discuss the 50 effective examples of the past indefinite tense in English grammar. As a language speaker, you know that knowing verb tenses is important for understanding the different moments in time. The past indefinite tense or simple past tense is used to talk about things that happened in the past or a past habit.

50 Effective Examples of Past Indefinite Tense

Let’s see the 50 effective examples of the past indefinite tense:

  1. I went to school yesterday.
  2. I slept every night last week.
  3. I wanted to visit my grandparents this weekend.
  4. I was exhausted from walking around all day.
  5. I received the letter this morning.
  6. Did you not write the letter?
  7. I wrote my book in the past.
  8. We did not ask him to work for us.
  9. What did he buy yesterday?
  10. He made a mistake in his task.
  11. Did you not see your friend?
  12. He finished his work on time.
  13. She lost her keys last night.
  14. Did they not go to school yesterday?
  15. I asked my friend to help me with my homework.
  16. He refused to help me.
  17. He demanded money from me.
  18. I refused to give it to him.
  19. They threatened us.
  20. We were not afraid of them.
  21. Did they not tell you the truth?
  22. Did you not meet your friend?
  23. I did not help him.
  24. Did you receive my letter?
  25. I received a new book from my uncle.
  26. How much did you pay for your new bicycle?
  27. I paid Aqa’s tuition fees yesterday.
  28. They built a new house in our neighborhood last year.
  29. Did he repair his car?
  30. She drove her car to school yesterday.
  31. He borrowed my mobile phone last night.
  32. I gave him a gift on his birthday.
  33. We invited them for dinner last week.
  34. Did you not tell him?
  35. Did you not meet your friend?
  36. Shahid was a good worker.
  37. What did you do yesterday?
  38. I spent my time with my friends.
  39. Did he sell his house?
  40. He failed the test.
  41. I completed the task yesterday.
  42. Did you not have a good time yesterday?
  43. I did not see your brother.
  44. Did he receive the letter?
  45. I received your email last morning.
  46. We did not go to school yesterday.
  47. What did you do yesterday?
  48. I saw my friend in the market.
  49. Did you give him the document?
  50. We returned home late at night.
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