Past perfect tense

Past Perfect Tense | Definition, Structure and Examples

Past Perfect Tense

Past Perfect Tense is placed between the two past actions. The action that occurred earlier is called the Past Perfect Tense, and the later action is called simple past or past indefinite tense. Past Perfect Tense takes ‘had’ as its help verb, and the past participle form is added after the main verb. For example:

  • I had left the house before my brother came.
  • He had reached the school before the class started.
  • She met her friend after her father had gone.
  • Mr. Zamal had found guilty of his workers before they did the task.
  • Zamina had known the story after she heard it.

Structure: Subject+had+Verb(past participle form)+Object

Let us see the different forms of Past Perfect Tense:

AffirmativeInterrogativeNegativeNegative Interrogative
I had done this.Had I done this?I had not done this.Had I not done this.
He had made the product.Had he made this product?He had not made the product.Had he not made the product?
She had cooked the curry.Had she cooked the curry?She had not cooked the curry.Had she not cooked the curry?
Jim had discovered an ancient civilization.Had Jim discovered an ancient civilization?Jim had not discovered an ancient civilization.Had Jim not discovered an ancient civilization?
Lata had seen her sister.Had Lata seen her sister?Lata had not seen her sister.Had Lata not seen her sister?

Examples of Past Perfect Tense

Let us see some examples of Past Perfect Tense:

  1. I had watched a movie before he entered our home.
  2. He had read a novel before his friend came.
  3. She had enjoyed the party before they arrived at the program.
  4. Mr. Johnson started programming after his colleagues had completed the task.
  5. Mrs. Lumina recognized the person after he had unveiled his face.
  6. Had he joined the program before his friend joined?
  7. She had walked in the street before her father left.
  8. They had participated in the event before they prepared themselves.
  9. We had not missed the opportunity before hearing about it.
  10. Adam accepted the proposal after he had confirmed.
  11. James didn’t want the project after he had become sick.
  12. Had we not known the story before she interpreted it?
  13. I had focused on my business profit before I invested.
  14. He had confirmed his arrival before he left.
  15. I had known the story before he read it.
  16. You had played well before he started playing.
  17. They had watched the movie before I watched it.
  18. She had not prepared for the exam before the date was announced.
  19. Had you not faced the problem before they faced it?
  20. Akhlack had read well before the exam date was published.
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