A Comprehensive List of 50 Proper Nouns with Examples

A Comprehensive List of 50 Proper Nouns with Examples

In this lesson, we’ll discuss the definition of the proper noun and a comprehensive list of 50 proper nouns with examples. The term ‘noun‘ denotes the naming words, and the proper noun describes the name of any particular person, place, or thing.

In contrast to common nouns, proper nouns indicate the proper names. That means a proper noun indicates any specific name. Now let us see some examples of proper nouns and common nouns to differentiate them easily.

Proper NounsCommon Nouns

What is a Proper Noun?

A noun that denotes a specific name of any particular person, place, or thing is a proper noun. Proper nouns always start with a capital letter; It doesn’t matter where they are used in a sentence. Now let us see the 50 proper nouns with examples.

A Comprehensive List of 50 Proper Nouns with Examples

A Comprehensive List of 50 Proper Nouns is given below with examples. Proper nouns are underlined in the below sentences for easy identification.

  1. Mr. Prince is very happy to live with his family.
  2. The United States is my favorite country.
  3. He has been living in New York City for many years.
  4. Mrs. Jeniffer looks awesome today.
  5. William Shakespeare is a famous poet and playwright.
  6. They are working for Microsoft company.
  7. I have a dream to travel throughout the world.
  8. The exact name of this boy is Daniel.
  9. January is the coldest month in my country.
  10. Amazon is a famous E-commerce platform.
  11. Nokia was a popular mobile manufacturing company.
  12. He has been playing for Manchester United for many days.
  13. Christiano Ronaldo is the living legend of this century.
  14. I’ve been using the Google search engine for 8 years.
  15. We can meet the next Friday.
  16. Toyota is one of the leading car manufacturing companies.
  17. You should open an acoount on Linkedin.
  18. I have a plan to visit Wellington next year.
  19. Black is my favorite color.
  20. Johnson had a significant role in establishing this company.
  21. She will meet you Sunday.
  22. August is the blessing month for his family.
  23. He loves Angelina Julie for her simplicity.
  24. The ship was drowned in the Atlantic ocean.
  25. William Wordsworth is called the poet of nature.
  26. Mr. Sonnet plays for his team.
  27. Did you ever visit Europe?
  28. She studied at a University in Berlin.
  29. Can you give me the address of an iPhone store?
  30. I’m eager to visit the Taj Mahal monument.
  31. She will be enrolled at Oxford University.
  32. He is a veteran journalist for Reuters.
  33. Tokyo is a city of joy and pleasure for me.
  34. Could you help me to find my friend Abdullah?
  35. Henry chooses his profession as a doctor.
  36. Noureen had a bitter experience in her life.
  37. He has the ambition to play cricket for his country.
  38. Ultimately she agreed to join the wedding party of John.
  39. A group of people intends to visit Mars.
  40. My brother has been living in Paris for five years.
  41. Tesla is my favorite brand.
  42. I feel happy to read the play, Hamlet.
  43. NASA has invented a new technology.
  44. Charlotte is waiting for you in the auditorium.
  45. Did you watch the movie Titanic?
  46. Jane is the youngest member of our team.
  47. Mr. Sulaiman is appointed as the CEO of this organization.
  48. Our whole family is enjoying today’s football match.
  49. She tries to promote her business on Facebook.
  50. Every day we make a group call on WhatsApp.

It’s not a difficult task to identify and understand a proper noun. But we need to understand the definition of the proper noun. After all, this lesson will help you clear your doubt about the proper noun.

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