Assertive sentence

Assertive Sentence | Definition, Structure, and Examples

Assertive Sentence

Every day we pronounce hundreds and thousands of sentences to express our daily activities, and every sentence has different roles according to its use. Now come to the point: what is the definition of an Assertive Sentence?

A sentence that describes a fact or statement is called an Assertive Sentence. Let us see some examples:

  • I’m going to buy some groceries.
  • He loves to read adventurous stories.
  • She has recollected her precise memory.
  • Jubin is not aware of this incident.
  • Zeba was missing her brother.

Note: All of the sentences describes statements or facts. Assertive sentences are also called Declarative sentences.

Let us see the Affirmative and Negative forms of Assertive Sentences:

I need a good friend.I do not need a good friend.
He is singing a melodious song.He is not singing a melodious song.
She has purchased an attractive dress.She has not purchased an attractive dress.
They were looking for an opportunity.They were not looking for an opportunity.
You are looking magnificent today.You are not looking magnificent today.

Structure: Subject+ Verb+ Object

20 Examples of Assertive Sentences

Let us see some examples of Assertive Sentences:

20 Examples of Assertive Sentences
  • I know this person very well.
  • We are arranging a picnic.
  • You have missed this opportunity.
  • They had been running a business for many years.
  • My father gave me a surprise.
  • He is not playing today.
  • She has made a recipe.
  • I have been completing my homework.
  • You did not respond timely.
  • She will not go to her campus this morning.
  • He has been teaching for many years.
  • Kona is trying to establish herself from unemployment.
  • My mother loves me so much.
  • Jony does not find the market.
  • I see a wonderful scenario.
  • He is no longer available for this task.
  • My friend is coming to our home.
  • She had walked in the street before I came.
  • I’m not finding online lectures.
  • They have found the missing car.
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