Present indefinite tense

Present Indefinite Tense | Definition, Structure and Example

Present Indefinite Tense

We need to use Present Indefinite Tense to indicate a present action, habitual fact, or eternal truth. If a sentence starts with the third-person singular number, then ‘s’ or ‘es’ are added to the main verb’s end. Let us see some examples of Present Indefinite Tense:

  • Hasaan starts a new game.
  • This young girl looks pretty beautiful.
  • I make a decision in my life.
  • He recites a verse from the holy scripture.
  • We are united now and forever.

Structure: Subject+Verb(base form)+Object

Let us see the different forms of Present Indefinite Tense:

AffirmativeInterrogativeNegativeNegative Interrogative
Jeba takes a new step.Does Jeba take a new step?Jeba does not take a new step.Does Jeba not take a new step?
He celebrates his marriage anniversary.Does he celebrate his marriage anniversary?He does not celebrate his marriage anniversary.Does he not celebrate his marriage anniversary?
We laugh to hear this joke.Do we laugh to hear this joke?Do we not laugh to hear this joke?Does Liza cook good food?
I see a beautiful scenario.Do I see a beautiful scenario?I do not see a beautiful scenario.Do I not see a beautiful scenario?
Liza cooks good food.Does Liza not cook good food?Liza does not cook good food.Does Liza not cook good foods?

Examples of Present Indefinite Tense

Let us see some examples of Present Indefinite Tense:

  • I listen to good music.
  • He seeks a new job.
  • We read attentively.
  • They want to ride a bike.
  • Jacky thinks she can do it.
  • Do they follow the law?
  • Does he not make money?
  • Kajal publishes a unique journal.
  • I do not sell the apartment.
  • The president sends a message to all.
  • He obeys his responsibility.
  • She participates in a debate.
  • I do not know him.
  • Jamal gets the trophy.
  • She does not know how to swim.
  • The bird flies in the sky.
  • The sun rises early in the morning.
  • My teacher teaches me English.
  • I want to be a good writer.
  • They do not play the game well.
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