Present perfect tense

Present Perfect Tense | Definition, Structure and Examples

Present Perfect Tense

Present Perfect Tense usually describes an action that has been finished, but its consequence is still available. Present Perfect Tense takes ‘have’ and ‘has’ as its helping verb and past participle form placed after the helping verb. Let us see some examples to get a clear conception about the Present Perfect Tense:

  • I have done my job properly.
  • He has learned a new lesson.
  • She has gained a profit.
  • They have bought an Android TV.
  • We have built a sweet home.

Structure: Subject+have/has+Verb(past participle form)+Object

Let us see the different forms of Present Perfect Tense:

AffirmativeInterrogativeNegativeNegative Interrogative
I have missed the opportunity.Have I missed the opportunity?I have not missed the opportunity.Have I not missed the opportunity?
He has traveled for seven days.Has he traveled for seven days?He has not traveled for seven days.Has he not traveled for seven days.
They have forgotten to take the luggage.Have they forgotten to take the luggage?They have not forgotten to take the luggage.Have they not forgotten to take the luggage?
Colin has worked for his company.Has Colin worked for his company?Colin has not worked for his company.Has Colin not worked for his company?
She has removed dust from her window.Has she removed dust from her window?She has not removed dust from her window.Has she not removed dust from her window?

Examples of Present Perfect Tense

  • Mike has fulfilled his ambition.
  • You have done the wrong thing.
  • We have distributed some food for the street people.
  • Has she attended the program?
  • They have not laughed at the helpless people.
  • Jameela has enjoyed a happy time.
  • Have you not forgotten the incident?
  • I have completed my project successfully.
  • She has walked in the street.
  • Nilufa has reached the station on time.
  • We have not gained a lot of profit in this month.
  • Has he not got the actual point?
  • I have met with my friends today.
  • You have not finished your task correctly.
  • Kajal has recollected her sweet dreams.
  • He has stayed in a long distance.
  • Katherine has lost her friend.
  • We have not agreed with his argument.
  • Has she gone to the right path?
  • Azim has married his beloved.
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