How to Improve Vocabulary in English?

How to Improve Vocabulary in English | 10 Useful Tips

Vocabulary is part and parcel of learning any second language, and it plays a significant role in making a perfect sentence. It will be easier for you to develop your English skills if you improve your vocabulary. Many students make the mistake that they don’t want to learn new and unknown words, and as a result, they survive to develop their English skills.

Nowadays, learning new and unknown words is not too much complicated. There are many online and offline tools, and you need an excellent plan to utilize your wisdom. Today we will discuss ten advanced tips to develop our vocabulary.

How to Improve Vocabulary in English

Let us see the ideas or steps to improve vocabulary in English:

1. Read Newspaper and Magazine

Reading newspapers and magazines is very important to develop vocabulary in English. When you start reading an English newspaper for the first time, it doesn’t seem easy to understand. But never give up. Try to read a few articles and mark the new and unknown words.

After finishing your reading, write down those words you marked before and memorize those words with meanings. Follow this routine as a part of your life. Suddenly, you can feel your vocabulary growing up and understand the sentences in the newspapers and magazines.

2. Read Comprehensive Texts

The more you read the comprehensive texts or paragraphs, the more you learn vocabulary. As a student, we all have an English textbook in our syllabus, and you need to read the comprehensive texts from your textbook. When you read any text, try to find new words.

After finding all the new words, try to memorize those words as you do from newspapers and magazines. Reading comprehensive text will help you develop your intellectual ability and vocabulary.

3. Learn a New Word Every Day

Try to learn at least a new word every single day. It will help you to increase your vocabulary. But you should remember one thing that is don’t memorize everything blindly. First of all, find a new word, search the meaning and find the other forms.

For example, you choose ‘create’ as your new word, and it’s a verb. Now you should find the other expression forms: ‘creative’ is an adjective, ‘creatively’ is an adverb, and or ‘creativity is a noun.

Now the question is how to find the other forms of any new word? It’s very easy and simple. Just google the word or buy a word-meaning book. This is how you can able to increase your vocabulary.

4. Find the Definition of the Word

Finding the definition of any new word is a creative way to improve English vocabulary. When you find the meaning of any word, try to find the definition of that word also, and it will help you understand the word better not only that you can be introduced to other new words also.

For example, you choose ‘innovative’ as your new word. When you search the word’s definition on the internet, you may find ‘using new methods or ideas. This is how you will be introduced to other words too.

5. Use a Dictionary

Dictionary and vocabulary are closely connected, and you must have a dictionary to increase your English vocabulary. Nowadays, it’s not a difficult task to use a dictionary, and you can use online dictionaries like Cambridge or Merriam-Webster.

You will get every meaning of any word, whatever you’re seeking. Further, you will find the definitions, synonyms, and opposite words from those online dictionaries.

6. Focus on Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms and antonyms play a vital to develop English vocabulary. Try to search for other words with similar and opposite meanings whenever you find any new term.

You can find it both online and offline dictionaries. If you follow this method, you will develop your vocabulary quickly and faster.

7. Write Down Something

Writing something in English is an excellent way to increase English vocabulary. Only reading is not enough to gain new words, and you have to write something in English. At the beginning level, it isn’t easy to write down anything.

That’s why you have to choose a topic or genre you are interested in and start writing some sentences about the topic. You may use the vocabulary you memorized before. But remember one thing: you should use that vocabulary that is applicable for your case.

8. Focus on Speaking

Speaking is an excellent way to increase English vocabulary. Choose a partner with whom you can join a conversation every day. You can also make an English conversation group with some people.

There are a lot of social media available on the internet, including Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, etc. Just go for it and start an English conversation with those people you added to your group, and you may be able to gain a lot of vocabulary from a group conversation.

9. Develop Necessary Vocabulary

Every day we pronounce a hundred and thousand words through our mother tongue or first language to express our activity. We should follow the same way when we speak in English. Just try to communicate your daily activity in English. If you cannot guess the meaning of any word, google it or try to find it in your dictionary.

10. Revision

Your every step will be in vain if you do not revise the words you memorized before. Revision is the root of developing any skills. Pick a day from a whole week to revise the terms you learned or noted down earlier.

When you make any sentence in English, try to use those words. That is how you can remember that vocabulary for a longer time.

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