Adjectives list with meanings

100 Most Useful Adjectives List with Meanings and Examples

What is an Adjective?

This article will provide you with a list of the most useful adjectives with their meanings and examples. An Adjective is an influential ‘part of speech in English grammar.

Let us know what the definition of an adjective is. An adjective is a word or part of speech that modifies a noun or pronoun. In short, it describes or delivers information about nouns.

Let us see some examples to get a clear conception of adjectives. Adjectives are marked as bold for easy identification:

  • Athar lives in a poor family.
  • I’m going to buy traditional cloth.
  • He knew that someone would be able to find the truth.
  • She looks handsome today with her jewelry.
  • Kabita donates some money to helpless people.

Adjectives List with Meanings and Examples

Let us see a comprehensive list of adjectives with meanings and examples in English grammar:

Adjectives ListSynonymsAntonymsExamples
AbleCapable, Efficient, SkillfulUnable, Disable, IncapableI’m able to do my duty properly.
AbnormalUnusual, Paranormal, UnnaturalNormal, Ordinary, UsualThere is an abnormal place in the city.
AcademicBookish, Scholastic, AcademicalPractical, Applied, EffectiveEnglish is the academic language of the country.
AdorableLovable, Charming, MellowDetestable, Loathsome, DespicableShe loves her adorable son.
AttractiveStriking, Fascinating, GlamorousRepulsive, Unattractive, UndesirableJimmy looks attractive tonight.
AttentiveWatchful, Vigilant, CarefulHeedless, Inattentive, MindlessYou should be attentive to your study.
AuthenticSincere, Genuine, EvidentialFake, False, FabricationI need an authentic source to believe this news.
BadEvil, Wicked, WorsenedGood, Honest, Favorablewe must give up bad habits.
BasicPrimary, Elemental, FundamentalIncidental, Accessory, SecondaryTry to fulfill your basic needs.
BeautifulPretty, Fantastic, GorgeousUgly, Shapeless, UngracefulI have a beautiful pet animal.
BetterFine, Excellent, BeautifulWorse, Worsened, BadWe should find a better plan for this project.
BitterSardonic, Nippy, ArrowySweet, Cordial, SincereShe doesn’t want to remember her bitter experience.
BraveBold, Courageous, ValiantCowardly, Timid, FearfulHe is brave enough to climb the mountain.
BrightLight, Dazzling, ShinyDull, Dim, FeebleI wish you a bright future.
BriefShort, Concise, SummaryLengthy, Lasting, LongLet’s explain the topic in brief.
BusyEngaged, Impatient, DevotedIdle, Lazy, InactiveMr. Adam is very busy today.
CalmQuiet, Peaceful, RestfulStormy, Blustery, RestlessStay calm and stay happy.
CarefulCautious, Diligent, AttentiveCareless, Incautious, FrumpishShe is careful enough with her child.
CleanFair, Pure, CoherentDirty, Unclean, ImpureWe expect a clean place for this program.
ColorfulSplendid, Joyful, DelightfulColorless, Bleak, DiscoloredYour dress looks colorful today.
ComfortableHappy, Blessed, PleasantUneasy, Uncomfortable, FalteringNow she is leading a comfortable life.
CuriousStrange, Weird, OddIncurious, Lacking, IndifferentI’m curious to read the story.
DangerousRisky, Adventurous, HazardousSafe, Secure, ImmuneIt’s considered a dangerous place.
DelightedPleasing, Lovely, AmiableTasteless, Vapid, WateryHe is delighted to see his friend after a long time.
DeliciousSapid, Savory, PalatableTasteless, Insipid, StaleI love to see your natural beauty of you.
DifficultSolid, Stubborn, CumbersomeEasy, Manageable, SubdueableMrs. Alisa is having a difficult time.
DisgustingCrappy, Nasty, LoathsomeAttractive, Fascinating, EnchantingIt was a disgusting moment for me.
DishonestCorrupt, Fraudulent, ImmoralHonest, Conscientious, RespectableHe wishes to ignore dishonest people.
EagerExcited, Impatient, AnxiousSedate, Cool, UnimpassionedI’m eager to see my sister after a long time.
EfficientSkilled, Proficient, DiligentInefficient, Unskilled, InexperiencedHe is efficient enough to complete the job.
ElaborateExtended, Expanded, ManifestObscure, Vague, MysticalYou have to elaborate on this Incident.
ElegantAccomplished, Pretty, FantasticUnattractive, Undesirable, IncuriousPlease choose an elegant design for me.
ExoticExternal, Foreign, StrangeOrdinary, Familiar, HomelyShe came from an exotic place.
FaithfulLoyal, Trustworthy, ReliableUnfaithful, Treacherous, UnreliableHe is faithful to his religion.
FamousEminent, Renowned, CelebratedUnknown, Unfamiliar, ObscureThis boy is famous for his talent.
FantasticFanciful, Quaint, GorgeousNormal, Ordinary, GeneralI was unconscious of the matter.
FearfulTerrible, Afraid, FrightenedBrave, Courageous, FearlessIt’s a fearful scenario.
FrequentQuick, Rapid, SpeedyInfrequent, Casual, IrregularDon’t accept this frequent mistake.
GenerousLiberal, Bountiful, MagnificentUngenerous, Narrow, GrudgingHe is a generous person.
GloriousSublime, Illustrious, BrightInglorious, Foul, DisgracefulMrs. Ameena looks glorious today.
GloomyOvercast, Dark, MoodyCheerful, Fadeless, BlithesomeIt’s a gloomy atmosphere.
GratefulThankful, Obliged, ResistedUngrateful, Unthankful, CrummyI’m always grateful to you.
GuiltyCriminal, Sinful, WickedInnocent, Transparent, ImpeccableHe feels guilty for his misdeed.
HandsomeGenerous, Bounteous, DignifiedUgly, Nasty, AwkwardI love handsome people.
HappyGlad, Comfortable, CheerfulUnhappy, Uncomfortable, MiserableThis man is leading a happy life.
HarmfulInjurious, Mischievous, WorsenedAdvantageous, Harmless, InnocuousThis action may be harmful to you.
HonorableRespectable, Reputable, CreditableDishonest, Dishonorable IgnominiousHe is our honorable teacher.
HonestConscientious, Upright, VeridicalCorrupt, Unfair, DeceitfulI’m happy to acknowledge your honest behavior.
IdealisticSpiritual, Illusionistic, TheologicalRealistic, Objective, PhysicalShe likes your idealistic attitude.
IgnorantFoolish, Unaware, UnknowingPolite, Gentle, ModestWe’re ignorant yet about this matter.
ImaginaryFabulous, Factitious, MythicalReal, Actual, OriginalI have my imaginary world.
ImmediateEarly, Quick, AdjoiningSlow, Sluggish, InertReach the immediate help center to get assistance.
IntelligentKnowledgeable, Intellectual, RationalUnintelligent, Fool, DeficientYou are an intelligent person, for no doubt.
JealousIntriguing, Malicious, SpitefulTrustworthy, True, BelievableHe feels jealous to see the success of his friend.
JoyfulDelightful, Pleasant, GleefulSorrowful, Regretful, OppressiveLet’s enjoy every joyful moment.
KindCompassionate, Merciful, AffectionateUnkind, Merciless, InhumanShe is a kind-hearted person.
KnowledgeableIntelligent, Proficient, KnowingIgnorant, Foolish, SenselessHe is a knowledgeable man.
LargeGreat, Massive, BigLittle, Small, TinyWe have to memorize a large number of vocabulary.
LiterateLettered, Scholar, LearnedIlliterate, Uneducated, IgnorantOur English teacher is literate enough.
LovelyBeautiful, Pleasing, CharmingUnpleasant, Tedious, WorrisomeI love your lovely dress.
LoyalFaithful, Dutiful, DevotedPunic, Disloyal, PerfidiousThis dog is loyal to its master.
LuxuriousGlamour, Sensual, DelicateUnpleasant, Meagre, DisagreeableShe wants to lead a luxurious life.
MagicalEnchanting, Bewitching, AlluringNormal, Common, OrdinaryHe has some magical power.
MagnificentGreat, Generous, ExtensiveUngenerous, Narrow, IlliberalThis place is magnificent for us.
MatureRipe, Grown, TurnedImmature, Incomplete, RawYou’re mature enough now.
ModernCurrent, New, PresentAncient, Old, PrimitiveWe’re living in the modern period.
MysteriousMystical, Secret, WeirdPublic, Manifest, EvidentIt’s a mysterious story.
NarrowConfined, Parochial, SlenderWide, broad, SpaciousThe road looks narrow.
NaturalInherent, Inborn, IntrinsicArtificial, Simulated, SyntheticThey are sympathetic toward helpless people.
NecessaryEssential, Obligate, FundamentalUnnecessary, Wasteful, InappropriateFood is necessary for our livelihood.
ObedientBound, Liable, DevotedDisobedient, Unruly, StubbornYou should be obedient to your parents.
ObviousEvident, Explicit, VividVague, Dim, AmbiguousMake your obvious point on that.
OptimisticHopeful, Promising, ExpectantPessimistic, Disappointed, FrustratedI’m always optimistic about my future.
PassionateSensual, Enthusiastic, KeenPassionless, Frigid, ImpassibleHe is passionate about cricket.
PeacefulCalm, Quiet, RestfulAgitate, Resent, DistressIt’s a peaceful journey for us.
PoliteGentle, Respectful, DecentImpolite, Immodest, VulgarWe love your polite behavior.
ProudArrogant, Haughty, MasterfulHumble, Humiliated, BentI’m proud of my parents.
QuickFast, Rapid, UrgentSlow, Sluggish, LogyI want a quick response from you.
QuietCalm, Cool, PeacefulAgitate, Active, NoisyPlease keep quiet for a while.
ReasonableLogical, Legitimate, RightUnreasonable, Illogical, SteepTry to set a reasonable price for this product.
RealActual, True, GenuineUnreal, Mythic, HollowThis movie is based on a real story.
RemarkableExtraordinary, Exceptional, DistinctOrdinary, Natural, SimpleIt’s a remarkable moment for them.
RomanticEmotional, Impulsive, SentimentalCautious, Vigilant, LeeryDon’t miss the romantic atmosphere.
SadPathetic, Moody, MiserableGlad, Pleased, CheerfulI don’t want to remember this sad Incident.
SincereCordial, Pure, SterlingHypocritical, Insincere, DeceitfulHe always shows a sincere attitude.
SuccessfulFruitful, Effectual, VictoriousUnsuccessful, Vain, FailedI hope it’ll be a successful mission.
SympatheticCompassionate, Soft, TenderUnsympathetic, Merciless, BrutalI was unconscious of the matter.
TerribleHorrible, Outrageous, FrighteningWonderful, Pleasant, MildShe doesn’t want to remember her terrible memory.
ThankfulGrateful, Obliged, BeholdenUngrateful, Thankless, IngrateI’m always thankful to you.
ThoughtfulReflective, Contemplative, MeditativeThoughtless, Hasty, ImprudentHe is a thoughtful person.
UnconsciousIgnorant, Fainted, UneducatedConscious, Aware, AnimateI was unconscious about the matter.
UnknownUnfamiliar, Strange, IncognitoKnown, Informed, AcquaintedIt’s an unknown place for him.
UniqueUnparalleled, Supreme, AbsoluteConventional, Usual, SimpleFind a unique design for me.
VacantEmpty, Blank, DevoidOccupied, Seized, SwallowedWe’ll appoint a candidate for the vacant post.
VictoriousTriumphal, Prevalent, ExultantVanquished, Defeated, SubduedIt’s a victorious moment for the nation.
ValuableExpensive, Worthy, CostlyWorthless, Incompetent, UselessHe delivered a valuable speech.
WonderfulAmazing, Surprising, MarvelousAppalling, Atrocious, HorrendousDon’t miss the wonderful cricket match.
WrongFalse, Unjust, DeceitfulRight, Just, CorrectIt was a wrong decision for me.
YoungNewish, Fresh, ModernOld, Aged, AncientHe is missing his young age.
ZealousCrazed, Hot, InclinedApathetic, Alienate, AloofI’m zealous to remember the moment.
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Eisen Nungchim
Eisen Nungchim
7 months ago

The adjectives with meanings, opposites, and examples of sentences were so useful and helpful as a teacher. Thank you so much.

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