How to improve pronunciation in English

How to Improve Pronunciation in English | 8 Advanced Tips

How to Improve Pronunciation in English

Pronunciation is very important whenever you learn a second language. It will be the same in terms of learning the English language. Your English learning will be in vain if you cannot improve your pronunciation. Just imagine you can write a sentence in English perfectly but you fail to pronounce the accents accurately. Does it sound good? Undoubtedly not. That’s why we need to improve our pronunciation of English.

Your English pronunciation cannot improve overnight. It takes time. But never give up. Just keep patience and follow some advanced tips. After implementing all the tools you also be able to gain accurate pronunciation. Accuracy in pronunciation doesn’t mean you have to speak like a native speaker but your sounds should be understandable by the listeners.

8 Tips to Improve English Pronunciation

Today we will discuss 8 advanced tips to improve your English accent. Let us see all the tips:

1. Speak Loudly

Speaking louder is an effective way to improve your English pronunciation. Whenever you learn English as a second language you have to speak this language on regular basis. But many of us feel shy to speak in English in public. To avoid your shyness, you can speak alone in front of your mirror.

After start speaking try to focus on your pronunciation. In the beginning, you may not able to identify the pronunciation mistakes. But no worries. Keep going and be careful with your accents.

2. Listen Quietly

Before fixing your accent, you should improve your listening skills. Listening skill is considered as an influential skill along with the other three skills (reading, speaking, writing). It’s very important to understand the accent first. That’s why we need to listen quietly when a native delivers a speech.

As a second language learner, it’s not easy to understand every word of a native speaker. To improve our listening proficiency in English, we may follow the following tips:

  • Listen to the every words carefully.
  • Sustain eye contact of the speaker.
  • Keep your mind away from the outer world.
  • Listen strictly.
  • Keep patience.
  • Use online resources.

3. Listen and Repeat

It’s a great way to improve your English pronunciation. When you listen to anything in English, try to repeat them in the same way. It helps you to fix your pronunciation errors. It seems difficult to understand every word for the first time but try your best to guess the words as much as possible.

4. Follow a Native Speaker

Do you follow a native speaker to improve your pronunciation? If the answer is no then please follow a native speaker to get a better accent. Just imitate the native speaker whenever you hear anything from him. Now the question is how can you find a native speaker?

Nowadays it’s not a difficult task to find an English-speaking speaker. You may use digital or social platforms like Netflix, Youtube, Facebook, etc. Here you will find a lot of resources or instructors who help you to fix your pronunciation errors.

5. Watch English Movies and TV Series

Watching English movies and TV series are exceptional ways to improve the pronunciation of English. Whenever you start watching English movies for the first time, you will never understand the accents properly.

But never give up. Just listen to the speech and try to understand. After continuously follow the way, you will be able to understand the pronunciation.

6. Focus on Stress and Intonation

Stress and intonation are the fundamental pillars of learning English pronunciation. To get accuracy in pronunciation, you need to focus on stress (used to emphasize a certain syllable in a word certain word in a phrase or sentence) or and intonation (used to raise or lower the voice).

7. Use a Dictionary

Dictionary is very helpful to get the accuracy in accent. Use a dictionary that includes phonetic alphabets or transcripts. If you can follow a dictionary, you will be able to develop your pronunciation for no doubt. So don’t waste your time. Start following an appropriate dictionary for you.

8. Utilize Speech Organs

We human beings produce sounds by using our speech organs such as; tongue, mouth, lips, etc. Pronunciation is a physical movement. As second language learners, we need to place or move our mouths and lips accurately to get the proper pronunciation.

It sounds weird when you start practicing it for the very first time. But no worries! You will get accurate accents by following this habit regularly.

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