Best English Learning Websites

10 Best English Learning Websites to Learn English Easily

The English language is not too difficult to learn. But we need proper guidelines to develop our English proficiency. Many people fail to learn English accurately only because of inadequate guidelines. You have good news if you are searching for a solution to learning English through the internet or websites.

Today we will discuss the ten best English learning websites to learn English quickly and accurately for free. They provide you with many lessons to learn English easily and adequately. You have one task that you need to follow with proper understanding.

However, many of us have failed to speak English as native speakers, and it is because we don’t know the strategies. Further, we can’t pronounce the accent correctly the way the native speakers pronounced it. If you want to learn English, you have to improve English’s four basic skills (readingwritinglistening, and speaking). Let us see the best English learning websites and their all features.

Top 10 Best English Learning Websites

Do you want to learn English through the internet? Just follow the features of the below ten best English learning websites. These websites will help you to improve your English skills properly.

1. BBC Learning English

I think most people worldwide know the name BBC ( British Broadcasting Corporation). It is an excellent source for advanced learners who want to learn English at an intermediate and advanced level. They offer several programs for the learners to get good ideas and improve their English skills quickly.

You can easily navigate their website and find the best ways to improve your English skills. They provide a lot of courses and features on their website.

Courses and Features

BBC Learning English provides lots of courses and features for all types (lower, intermediate, and upper) of learners. In the part of the course, we find different types of sub-categories such as:

  • The grammar Gameshow
  • The Experiment
  • News review
  • Go The Distance
  • English You Need
  • Towards Advanced
  • English for upper-intermediate
  • English for Intermediate
  • English for lower-intermediate
  • English My Way
  • Shakespeares Speaks and
  • English in a Minute

These courses undoubtedly help the students to learn English easily and accurately. But the learners must have minimum knowledge of English to understand the lessons carefully. On the other hand, in the features part, we also find different sub-categories such as:

  • English at University
  • English at Work
  • English for News Report
  • The English We Speak
  • LingoHack
  • 6 Minute English
  • Pronunciation
  • Drama and
  • Words in the News

The above features are designed only to learn English from different aspects. If you want to improve all the departments in English, you can follow BBC English learning without any hesitation.

2. British Council English learning

British Council English learning is the perfect combination for all learners trying to learn English. It is a massive platform for English learning. They design their website for entry, intermediate and expert students. You can quickly improve your skills in English through this website.

Courses and Features

They also design their website with different courses and features. Further, you will find many audio and video resources for different levels. The categories of this website are given below:

  • Courses
  • Skills
  • Grammar
  • Vocabulary
  • Business English
  • General English
  • MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) etc.

They offer a lot more things. You need to follow the lessons consistently, and if you continuously follow these categories with proper understanding, you can improve your English skills without a doubt. So we can consider it as the best English learning website for all types of learners who try to learn this particular language.

3. VOA English learning

VOA (Voice of America) is a news and media service. But they are available online, and they also provide English courses for beginning, intermediate and advanced levels.

VOA English learning can be a good resource for all learners, and you will find a lot of content from them regarding English learning. Further, you will get many videos that help you improve your English skills quickly.

It’s a good place for you to start your course in English. They have published content for both radio and television programs. You can easily download their program and listen to them offline, and I think you will get a good result.

4. is one of the best English learning websites. You can improve your English skills quickly through this website. We may consider this website as a huge platform for English learning. They take several steps to improve your English skills.

Courses and Features

They decorate their homepage with different categories. You need to follow them correctly. However, you will get a good result from it if you understand the lessons clearly. The lessons on this website are given below:

  • English Speaking Basics
  • English Listening Lessons
  • Regular English Lessons
  • Basics of English Grammar
  • Business English Lessons
  • Idioms and Phrases

Further, you will get extra English lessons, English-speaking articles, etc. If you cannot decide where to begin, you can start with the Full Lesson Index.

5. Tofluency

ToFluency is also a helpful website for learning the English language. You can improve your basic and advanced English through this website, and they provide a lot of lessons and videos to develop all the skills in English quickly.

You will improve your speaking and listening skills consistently if you follow the lessons correctly. So don’t waste your time. Start following these lessons right now. I think you will get a massive benefit from it.

6. FluentU

It is one of the best websites for adult learners. They have a lot of features for you, and you need to follow them with proper understanding. They have published different types of videos to learn English quickly.

Not only English, but this is also the best website to learn a lot of languages. You can undoubtedly choose this website as your language learning partner, and they will give you all the ways to learn the language on their website.

However, you will get the ultimate guideline to learn English efficiently and adequately. Furthermore, you will get fun video contents to learn English quickly. So without wasting your time, try to follow this best English learning website.

7. Cambridge Assessment English

You can learn English confidently through this website. It will be a good solution for you to learn English quickly because you can interact with them in their lessons. Furthermore, you have an opportunity to participate in different kinds of tests.

You can follow them without any hesitation, and I think it can be a perfect solution for you. Just scroll the homepage and pick up a topic whatever you want and follow it.

This website can give you more relief as far as English learning is concerned. They offer the opportunity to the learners to acquire all the skills in English smoothly.


This website is a perfect solution for English learners. We can choose this website as our favorite partner to learn English quickly and correctly. We have good news they are also available on youtube.

You can follow their English lessons through their youtube channel. So don’t waste your time. Try to follow their lessons regularly. It will help you to learn English easily and fast.

9. English Finders

Are you surviving in English grammar and linguistics? English Finders is the best place for learning English grammar and linguistics. Many students from different parts of the world can not develop their English skills because they lack skilled instructors or teachers.

Furthermore, they depend on blind memorization without proper understanding. That’s why we took a little initiative to deliver adequate and quality lessons for the English learners.

Vocabulary is the fundamental part of learning any second language. But a vast number of learners can not increase their vocabulary. Here you get the right ideas on how to improve your vocabulary in English. If you have a basic knowledge of English, English Finders will be the best solution for improving your English proficiency.

10. Duolingo

Your vocabulary and grammar are impoverished? Then Duolingo will be the perfect platform for you to develop your vocabulary, grammar, and other skills as well. They have different categories to find lessons that are best for you quickly.

Further, they have their mobile app, which is easy to download from the Google play store and App Store. However, they offer you many lessons, and you need to execute your wisdom to develop your English proficiency.


Many of us don’t get enough guidelines to learn English quickly and adequately, which is why we give up learning the language. I think these ten best English learning websites will help you learn English quickly and accurately.

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2 years ago

really helpful
for learning English your website and also linguich are the best websites I’ve ever seen

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