How to Improve Listening Skills in English

How to Improve Listening Skills in English | 6 Useful Steps

How to Improve Listening Skills in English

Sometimes we fail to understand whenever we listen to a second language. Do you know why it’s happened? It happens only because of the lacking of developing listening proficiency in English.

So the question is how to improve listening skills in English? We can follow some essential methods or steps to improve our listening skills in English very quickly. So let’s discuss how to improve listening capability in English?

6 Steps to Improve Listening Skills in English?

We can follow six essential methods to improve our listening skills. Let us discuss these methods:

How to improve listening skills in English?

1. Maintain Consistency

Most of the time, we do not sustain our consistency whenever we hear anything in English. As a result, we fail to understand the exact pronunciation of the speaker. We should maintain consistency whenever we try to concentrate on listening.

It’s the essential part of improving listening skills. Just imagine you hear something from English that passed above your head, and I mean you don’t understand those words correctly. Does it sound good?

Consistency helps us to understand what the speaker exactly wants to say. Further, we should try to forget everything from the outer world when we hear anything from the speaker. If we maintain consistency properly, we will improve our listening skills undoubtedly.

2. Sustain Eye Contact

Eye contact is one of the fundamental steps to improve your listening capability. But sometimes, we cannot sustain our eye contact with the speaker. Suppose you are a listener and you attend a listening class. When your teacher delivers his speech, you fail to sustain eye contact with them. Does it sound good or create any value? Not at all.

You should maintain eye contact when you meet with a speaker. Try to set your mindset to listen to what the speaker says. Unfortunately, many people skip this step, so they can’t improve their listening skills properly.

So sustain eye contact with your speaker, and it helps you understand what he wants to say, and you will benefit from improving your listening skills.

3. Emphasize Reading and Writing Skills

If you want to improve your listening skills, you must emphasize reading and writing skills. When you read comprehensive articles, your basic educational knowledge automatically increases.

It helps you to understand better what you are listening to. Because it has a close connection with listening skills, read textbooks and articles more and more. It develops your basic skills and helps you to improve your listening skills.

Writing also has a core connection with listening. Do you know why? Because if you can write some sentences in English accurately without any spell or grammar mistakes, you can also be able to understand the pronunciation in English. It may give you the energy to better understand the English accents and syllables.

Try to make a routine to write articles regularly. When you write articles, you will be surprised to feel that your listening skill automatically improve.

4. Make Your Dictionary

I think you have confused to see this step. Now you may ask me, “how do I make my dictionary”? Yes, it is possible. When you hear speeches from different speakers, you should note the unknown vocabulary with their similar and opposite meanings, not only that you should have memorized that vocabulary. It will help you to make your dictionary.

You have to follow this routine continuously unless your vocabulary skills grow up. Once you will feel a dictionary automatically builds in your memory. So follow this trick, and it helps you improve your listening proficiency.

5. Understand the Pronunciation and Stress

It’s essential to understand the pronunciation and stress in English. Whenever you hear a native speaker, you notice how they pronounce English words. The first time, it will be difficult to understand the pronunciation of the native speakers.

Don’t worry. It will take a bit of time to understand them quite easily. But you should have a basic knowledge of pronunciation and syllables. Let us see how to improve pronunciation in English:

  • Watch English movies and TV series.
  • Listen to English music.
  • Join a conversation in English.
  • Try to understand the words of other partners.
  • Listen to an English podcast.

6. Practice

We all know the proverb “practice makes a man perfect.” But sometimes, we do not want to practice subconsciously or even consciously. To improve the proficiency in listening, we don’t have any alternative without practice. Practicing can be your home or outdoor.

To judge whether your listening proficiency improved or not, you can join a conversation with your friends. When you listen to them, notice whether you catch the accurate pronunciation or not. This is how you may practice your listening skills in English.


Listening skills are one of the vital pillars of the English language. If it’s ignored or missing, your English proficiency will remain unfulfilled. After all, follow all the above steps to improve your listening skills in English.

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