What is a noun in English

What Is a Noun in English? | Definitions, Types and Examples

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What Is a Noun in English? 

Do you want to know what is the definition of a noun in English? Then you are in the right place. The noun is one of the important lessons in English grammar. We can’t think any naming word without a noun. Let’s see what is a noun in English grammar?

The definition of a noun in English is very easy and simple. A word which describes the name of a person, place, thing, animal, idea etc. is called a noun. For example John, United States, London, city, Almighty, Angels, iron, material, examination, virtuousness etc.

For details just follow the below sentences to get a clear conception about nouns in English.  Nouns are marked in bold for easy identification:

  • The name of my brother is John.
  • He lives in the United States.
  • London is a beautiful city.
  • The stadium is full of crowd.
  • I pray to Almighty so that he will pass in the examination.
  • She looks like an Angel.
  • Iron is very useful material.

Types of Nouns in English

Nouns are classified into several categories in English grammar. Today we will discuss five nouns. They are:
  1. Proper nouns
  2. Common nouns
  3. Collective nouns
  4. Abstract nouns
  5. Material nouns
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Proper Nouns

A proper noun is the name of any person, animal, place, thing etc. For example; Jack, Jennifer, Nathan, Dubai, UAE, tiger, etc. Proper nouns are marked in bold for easy identification:

  • Jack is my favourite friend.
  • Hey Jennifer! How are you, buddy?
  • Nathan is going to buy some books.
  • He has been living in Dubai for five years.
  • UAE is a beautiful country.
  • I see a tiger in the zoo.

Common Nouns

A common noun is the name of common people, animals, places, things etc. It does not describe any particular type of person, place or thing. Let us see some examples of common nouns: country, city, man, King, Queen, boy, girl etc. Common nouns are marked in bold for easy identification:

  • The name of my country is Bangladesh.
  • New York is an excellent city.
  • His attitude is like an honest man.
  • He talks as if he was a king.
  • I love this beautiful Queen.
  • The boy is good at English.
  • The girl is going to meet her friends.
  • Cricket is a gentleman game.
  • He cannot swim in the river.

Collective Nouns

A collective noun is a name that denotes a group of people or things. It is true that in American English collective nouns are considered as singular using singular verbs(e.g. the team plays very well) whereas in British English they are(collective nouns) considered as both singular and plural verbs(e.g.the team play very well). Example of collective nouns; school, college, team, group, class, troop, cattle, children etc. Collective nouns are marked in bold for easy identification:

  • He went to this school when he was a child.
  • I’m studying at this college for two years.
  • The cricket team of this country are developing day by day.
  • A group of people have been working for the humanitarian crisis.
  • Troops always battle against their enemies to protect their nation.
  • The cattle are eating grass in the field.
  • Orphan children always face a lot of crisis.

Abstract Nouns

An abstract noun is a noun that represents a thing that is a concept, idea or quality and that can not be seen physically. For example; Friendship, relationship, neighbourhood, childhood, beauty, love, peace, honesty, bravery, etc. Abstract nouns are marked in bold for easy identification:

  • We have a good friendship.
  • Please do not break our relationship for a misconception.
  • I see a great neighbourhood among themselves.
  • Childhood is one of the best periods of human life.
  • You can not explain her beauty with a single word.
  • The love between mother and son is always awesome.
  • We should sustain this peace in our country for a long time.
  • Honesty is a great virtue for humans.
  • Never loss your bravery.

Material Nouns

 A material noun is a kind of noun that describes a material or substance from which the thing is made. For example, gold, iron, silver, water, wood etc. Material nouns are marked in bold for easy identification:

  • The gold is used for making rings.
  • The iron is useful to produce many products.
  • The bed is made of wood.
  • The silver is a necessary material for us.
  • Please give me a glass of water.

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