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8 Best English Learning Apps to Learn English Easily

Nowadays you can easily improve your English skills by following some best English learning apps. English is a very important language to learn. If you compete yourself globally, you have to learn English. Do you think that you are not good at English and don’t have enough time to admit to an institute for learning the English language properly?

Don’t worry. You will also be able to learn English easily through some best English learning apps. But you have to follow these apps carefully and practice regularly. Now the question is how do you get those English learning apps?

We will give you all the details of those apps elaborately. Furthermore, we will provide you with all the features of those English learning apps.

 8 Best English Learning Apps

All the features and reviews of the best English learning mobile apps are given below:

1. Duolingo 

duolingo english

Duolingo is one of the best English learning apps especially for beginners who want to start from the beginning to learn English easily. You will never be bored when you start learning with this app because they design their lessons with fun. Afterwards, you can learn English practically through this English learning app. They always try to motivate you so that you can able to learn English easily.

Not only that you can learn almost two dozen language including English by Duolingo. People all over the world follow this app because Duolingo provides funs and game-like lessons for learners. You also can choose this English learning app if you are searching for a better platform to learn English easily.

Furthermore, you may choose your mother tongue as your language and practice it with English. It will help you to learn English comfortably.

Download this app: Android | iOS

2. Busuu: Learn Languages – Spanish, English and More

busuu app

If you have been searching for an English learning app, Busuu can be a perfect solution for you. Busuu is closely connected with its viewers and learners. You can learn different languages including English through this app.

Basuu is similar to the social media platform where you can connect with people of different languages, culture, and traditions. Furthermore, you can share your feelings and emotions towards yourself.

You may pick this app if you want to start from the beginning. It also gives you the opportunity to talk with native speakers to practice speaking English. This is how you can improve your English skills easily through this English learning apps.

Download this app: Android | iOS

3. Hello English: Learn English

hello english app

Hello English is one of the very useful English learning app to learn English easily.  You can improve all your skills in English through this app. It provides you with a lot of features and courses including grammar, spelling, vocabulary, reading skills and spoken skills.

Furthermore, it gives you opportunities to participate in the practice lessons. You may use this app without any hesitation. Download this English learning app and improve your all skills in English.

Remember one thing, you have to follow the lessons regularly. Otherwise, it will be very difficult to learn English accurately. Don’t waste your time. Install this app on your smartphone and start following the lessons.

Download the app: Android | iOS

4. Memrise: Learn Language with Memrise

memrise app

Memrise is a good English learning app. You can find the best solution as far as English learning is concerned. It provides you with a huge number of lessons and courses. The learners may choose this app especially for generating new vocabulary.

Memrise also provides you with fun and game-like lessons so that you can learn English interestingly. You can connect with the world by using this English learning apps. Afterwards, you can learn almost the nineteenth language through Memrise.

It provides the opportunity to join the Memrise community of over 35 million language learners and 30 thousand native speakers. So start your language learning through Memrise.

Download the app: Android | iOS

5. BBC Learning English

BBC Learning English

BBC Learning English is one of the perfect English learning app. The learners easily update their English skills through this app. It offers a lot of features and lessons for learners. If you want to improve your English skills you can download this app undoubtedly.

You can develop your grammar, pronunciation, vocabularies, writing skills, spoken skills etc. It gives you the perfect solution for English learning. Let’s increase your English skills through BBC Learning English.

Download the app: Android | iOS

6. ABA English: Learn English

ABA English

ABA English can be the best partner for the English learner from beginning to advanced. It delivers an effective and flexible way to make English easier to understand. It provides learners with real-life situations methods so that they learn English practically.

You can learn common expressions, vocabulary, and grammar by watching ABA exclusive short films. Not only that you will get a lot of videos and practice your English comfortably.

ABA English appoints expert teachers to observe the lacking of the learners and fix the problems of them.  It has six levels including beginner, intermediate and advanced where every learner gets the opportunity to start their lessons and improve their English skills easily.

Download the app: Android | iOS

7. Babbel: Learn English

Babbel app

Babbel is one of the great app to learn the English language perfectly. You will get almost all the tools to get an easy way for English learning. If you sought to get the solution to the problems of English grammar and vocabulary,  this app should be the perfect English learning app for you.

Are you searching for a good English language app? Babbel would be the perfect solution for you. However, you can practice new words and phrases regularly by the app which very helpful for English learning. Please don’t waste your time. Install this app on your smartphone and learn the English language easily.

Download the app: Android | iOS  

8. Hello Talk

hello talk app

Hello Talk offers learners a huge number of lessons and courses to enhance the proficiency in English. The learners get the opportunity to connect with native speakers and improve their English language skills.

Here you also get the benefit to join the English learning community which help you to understand the pronunciation of other learners. It appoints expert teachers and mentors on behalf of solving different issues of the learners.

So you can try this English learning mobile app to improve your English skills faster. It will be a good platform to learn English easily.

Download this app: Android | iOS 

To sum up, we may say these 8 best learning apps will help us to improve our English skills and other languages skills as well. You can use all these useful English learning mobile apps without any hesitation. Please share this article with your friends.

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